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Sunday, April 21, 2002

Another Week

Last week was some week. I was sick and feeling like crap from Monday until about noon Thursday… allergies started with a vengence Monday causing the whole mess. Went to the doctor Wednesday – don’t have a primary care doctor yet and I am not going back to this guy. Sensitive to the particular needs of a patient he was not. Either I didn’t make myself clear on how these things usually work for me or he was just ignoring me. I was in the hospital at the end of February for a cold that turned into something more and aggravated my asthma. I don’t care to relive this any time soon. This doctor suggested that I wait a few days before filling my antibiotic prescription since this might be a virus and I might get over it on my own. Ummmm… yea…. tried that in February.. didn’t work. Filled the script and also filled three others that I needed, one being a medrol pack. That will help bring me back into the world of the living. Was feeling better by noon Thursday, which was good since I had a paper due that day and had to get it there by 6pm. Barely made it. Came home, rushed to get ready and headed out to Theatre Three to see “God’s Man in Texas” for my theatre appreciation class. It was good… felt like I was in church. After that went the the home of Tina, Ru and Nique and had grilled chicken and potatoes, courtesy of chef Ru. I thought both were good and I hope we all can expect more great culinary delights from him in the future! Also got to spend time with just Ru. He is so sweet. We talked and had a good time together.

Friday proved to be even more fun. Go to class, come home get ready and go to work. I am at work for about an hour until I am pulled aside and told I am being laid off. I would have appreciated this information much more if I had been told before I drove all the way in from Denton. Oh, well… went and saw my sister and my dad and hung out at the house for awhile. After dinner, got bored with dad’s business shows and left for home. Ru called while I was on the road and invited me over after he found out that I had been relieved of my regualar weekend duties. We hung out and had fun… I read a magazine while he dismantled a monitor for his science fair project.

Got to go to the Dog Park today! This was so cool! There was a dog in the little dog park that looked just like Mr. Winkle! Tina and Ru thought I was crazy when I was staring, pointing and saying “There’s Mr. Winkle!” I had no idea there was another one out there. I have to say that Mr. Winkle does give Punky a run for her money! Don’t know how the Punkster would do at the dog park. She has always been the top dog and usually doesn’t like it when there are visiting dogs at the house.

Due to the layoff, the rest of the afternoon was quite productive. Washed the car, cleaned the kitchen, did many loads of laundry and dishes, and bought cat food and litter. Now, if I can only get my necessary programming done and clean the rest of the apartment, I can have company over for once this century before I mess the place up again. Two more weeks of school left and then finals week. Cannot wait until this semester is over.

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Sunday, April 14, 2002

“You invited how many?”

The wedding last night was huge! I had previously been told that there were 600 invitations sent out. Last night my aunt said that they bought stamps for and sent out 1000. Geez! The whole thing was crazy and because the reception was held at the church, the groom is a youth minister and the father of the groom is a pastor, there was not a drop of alcohol in the place. If you are having a wedding with that many people you need to at least have a cash bar for those that want to keep their sanity. A group of us sat away from all the hoopla – me, my sister, my mom and her two sisters. We didn’t know anyone else there, and out other two cousins were MIA – Erin stayed home in North Carolina because she is pregnant and sick from being so; cousin Brian just did not show up – they will be lucky if he shows up at his own wedding.

What happened to the days when a 200 invite wedding was considered big? And how come there were nine songs performed by a choir and/or soloists before we even got to the ceremony (only one of those was used for the seating of the mothers and this did not take that long)? Over thrity minutes of music before the ceremony even started. Once we got to the ceremony, it was lovely and cousin Mandy was beautiful. I didn’t catch the bouquet… she threw it too far… I am now 3-1. :( My record is tarnished!

Met up with Ru afterwards for drinks. That was really nice! I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but things went extremely well, and I am looking forward to Wednesday night.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

I got your meat right here, baby!

Well, sorta. :)

Got home tonight to find an email about my site and fixing some of the code… link pushing things too far over… yadda, yadda… I will work on this tomorrow. They also requested that I post more often and include details, making a specific request for “meat.” Hmmmmmm….

I don’t know that I have really any meat, or details that are worth telling. My life has been pretty uneventful. When you are in school five days a week and working three days, there is not much room for any sort of life. Wednesday is my only day that I have free so I usually venture to Dallas. Denton is nice but Dallas is where I have spent my entire life. I enjoy it there. I am comfortable there. Yes, the traffic sucks but all things usually have some kind of trade off.

Last Wednesday I got a last minute invite to go see the Dallas Stars game. I would have normally dressed a bit better for this, but since it was last minuet the jeans, t-shirt, ballcap and no makeup had to do. Fine by me! The Stars Rock, and I don’t care if they lost. We were 11 rows from the glass and it was so much fun. Valerie and Ru were great company and I strongly urge Valerie to call me again if she ever gets any more tickets. Thanks again!

Along with the word “meat” the email also requested details. About what? About the fact that I now have two weddings to go to and my quest to keep my bouquet catch record pristine (currently 3-0)? Or how about the fact that I am coming up on a year with not “being” with anyone? Or the fact that I cannot remember how long it has been since I have had a full fledged relationship with a guy that did not need any mental help? And that is has been about two years since the last crazy one, or any true relationship for that matter? Geez… I am a sad case. Maybe that is why I don’t dwell on all this and just try to live my life.

Right now all I know is that my time is limited. If for some unknown reason someone actually approaches me, requesting the presence of my company for an evening, I have to do two things: first, check the schedule. Can’t be double booking right now… too much going on and that is just rude. Second, decide (quickly) whether or not it would be time well spent, for him and me. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if I think that nothing will happen beyond that evening. Some people might just go out and date for fun and recreation. I admit that I did this before for about a year. If you have ever tried online dating it is quite easy to make this happen from the comfort of your own keyboard and monitor. I mean real easy. Weed out the loons as they appear and you can have some real nice evenings out. My days of being, as my sister put it, a ‘skirt’ are long over.

There is my “meat” for awhile. I think I covered quite a bit, not that there is alot to tell. It is just me, trying to work hard at school, work and just being a good person.

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Saturday, April 6, 2002

Please mommy, make them stop!

Some people annoy me. Don’t me wrong… most of them are nice people and I can get along with just about anybody, except with those people who refuse to get along. The people who talk endlessly about something that you could care less about annoy me. You might know the ones I am talking about… or maybe not. Let me give you the idea….

Annoying Man: What are you doing?

me: working

Annoying Man: How was school?

me: fine

Annoying Man: what did you do in school today?

me: went to class

Annoying Man: What classes did you go to?

me: I don’t know their names

Annoying Man: Did you have fun?

me: no

Annoying Man: That’s too bad.

me: yea

Annoying Man: Did you have any tests this week?

me: no

Annoying Man: Why not?

me: I don’t know

Annoying Man: What are you working on?

me: a paper

Annoying Man: What is it about?

me: computers

Question after question… after quesiton. Go away! Is it not readily apparent that I am busy? Did I not just tell you that I was working? Is there too much filler in your head taking over the true brain matter?

Ok… enough of that.

It feels good to vent.

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Friday, April 5, 2002

Yep… I am a theif!

Ok.. I am still working on this site and until I get a creative spurt I am left to admire and rip where I can. I took the format from Jeremy’s site. This is following the rip-with-permission from Tina’s site. I would still be beating my head on keyboard if it weren’t for her help. I seem to be on my way now and the marks are disappearing from my forehead but I am drained of any creativity – it has all been filtering into school work.

The two tech writing classes I have at UNT are combined to focus on one major project. My group for this is doing good but I am still frustrated. Put this with the class where I have a test next week (we don’t know what is going to be on it and neither does the instructor) and another class where I have a term paper due in less than 2 weeks. Frustration is high.

Anyways, I didn’t tell J that I ripped his stuff, and I do think that I made quite a few changes of my own. He knows where to find me if he wants to come beat me up.

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