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Tuesday, June 4, 2002

The Feldman Posse

I just got an email on this and could not resist saying something. Corey Feldman and his band are going to be at the Galaxy Club in Deep Ellum Thursday night. You know… the guy from the movie “Goonies”. In the email it said that the band was a blues/rock type band and it looks like the tour is pretty big which might mean that they are actually pretty good, or they are just traveling around on the Feldman name. I have never heard them, but thought that this was still interesting.

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Saturday, June 1, 2002

Oi with the poodles already!

Long day today. Went to the graduation party of a student from an all girls private school in Dallas. I think the part that wore me out the most was just getting there – from Denton to Plano. Oi with the poodles already! Traffic was a nightmare the entire way. I thought after I got off I35 and on 121 it would be better but evidently there were alot of other people out today, most likely going to graduation events as well. It was either that or they confused the major thoroughfares with a Sunday drive in the country.

We finally left the party and got back to my dad’s house for awhile. Got a call from Braydon while I was there. He told me that one of our professors from the spring who was supposed to submit his resume for an internship was just now doing just that. She had told me to email her my resume as well and I have not heard anything so I guess Monday is going to be follow up day as well as the first day of class for summer one. We also talked about physics – he is taking both parts in the summer; I am taking the second. I warned him that it is going to be awful, but that at least he won’t have the TAMS student to deal with. Hopefully he and I will be able to put our heads together in the second half and come up with enough of a brain to do relatively well. I am so ready to be done with my science requirements, but I will need one more on top of this.

He also asked me about a program that he is trying to do for his company. I heard what he was trying to do but was not in the from of mind to dole out any suggestions. I was just tired and wanted to go home. Told Braydon that we could meet sometime soon in the lab.

I am now about to go and work on the coffee table. Finally got one coat of clear varnish on it and I must say that I did not realize that just a clear coat would make the wood appear so much darker. I was not expecting that at all. I guess it will be fine once it is done but I am definitely going to apply a number of coats. I barely made a dent in what is in the small can that I bought so there will be plenty. Back to work!

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