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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Doo da dee….

This week so far has been one of those weeks where I don’t want to know me. I feel like I have been one of the people that I strive not to be. I feel small. I don’t feel out of control of things but I feel a lack of.

And as if my week so far had not sucked the big one enough, I get a call today from the woman I was working for, telling me that she is only going to use me on a per project basis. Therefore, no more job unless she needs me but I don’t think she is going to find that I am at her beckon call. The example amount that she quoted me on a job was truly not something I would be interested in as my price has gone up, considering that I would essentially be contract. Also the work I was doing there is something that I can do from home as I have the exact same tools there, saving me a 40-60 minute drive.

The only bright spot so far was getting to see the swanky new digs that Cynthia and Brian just moved into. There are sooooo many amenities there, and with the way it is setup, it is like they are living in a hotel. It is totally modern and way cool. Not to mention, I was not aware that Cynthia was such an amazing cook! The dinner was excellent! Later on that evening, they took me to see the rooftop pool and the more of the view from outside (I was already impressed with the view from their gargantuan patio). Kudos to them for the wonderful evening!

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Monday, July 29, 2002

My Weekend

If you have not been to Target lately you have to go and check out all the cool Todd Oldham stuff that they have. I went with my sister the other night and was in shock. It is a whole line of back to school stuff, with a good portion of it being some really cool bedding. They also have trash cans, candles, cups, bowls, etc. The colors are super cool and the fabrics are soft. I am telling myself that I don’t need anything that is there because I can’t really afford it at the moment. I did break down and buy some sheets there to help me complete my duvet cover project. I have had the fabric since sometime last year and have not really found anything that would work well on the underside until now. Flat sheet for the under side of the duvet cover, fitted sheet for the roman shade and the pillow cases for making the shams. I will post pictures of the final product.

I was driving less of a hoopty car – the hubcaps that were missing were replaced but they removed a screw from another hubcap to use in this effort. Now that hubcap is gone. Oi! Back to NTB this week.

Josh threw a great party Saturday night. Met a number of interesting people and had a good time with other bloggers, co-workers of Josh’s from the DMN and from what I could tell, just a slew of others. He lives in one of those new complexes in Dallas that has Fort Knox security and you need a map to find your way around. His closet is HUGE! It is almost like a spare bedroom if you take out all the clothes and stuff that is in there. Thanks again to Josh for the invite!

As I have previously mentioned I will do or say things that are totally stupid. This is a given. There are the rare occasions that I will have no idea that I am doing this because I cannot read the minds of others. Once I hear about said stupid action I am quick to apologize or explain what I thought was going on. This is all under the condition that I am given that chance. I will just say that I tried and that I am done trying. I like honesty. I like for someone to be open with me and if there is something wrong to tell me. I know that this can be hard, as it is also hard for me sometimes to tell people things. You make yourself vulnerable and that can be tough to deal with. Me hearing about it from other people is not going to fix the problem, but then again, neither is a serious lack of communication.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Alien kidnapping victim returned

AP- Dallas, TX – The search party for Blake was finally disbanded today when he was found safe and sound at his Dallas residence. At an undetermined time last week Blake was believed to be taken from his home by what have been determined to be aliens from Mars. We have been told that the kidnapping occurred as result of all the research that is being done on Mars, in protest to the disruption of life on the normally peaceful planet. No one from Mars was available for comment. Blake had no comment as well but specialists in the area of alien kidnappings have stated that he is probably still in a state of shock and unable to speak. These specialists have tried to approach Blake to learn more about what happened to him but were fought off by Blake himself with monkey kung fu, which we are told is taught on the Martian spacecrafts.

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Monday, July 22, 2002

HELP the Queen fill out her HS Reunion questionnaire!

Got my high school reunion stuff in the mail today. Along with the info on the cost of the ticket (and it does cost $2 more per person to by a single ticket than to buy a ticket for a couple) there is the questionnaire. The only things that I am able to fill out so far are the questions regarding education, occupation, favorite high school teacher and marital status. As for the rest I am stuck. I don’t remember what was going on back then other than the fact that I hated high school. So, I am taking all suggestions. I am not taking this thing at all seriously so goofy answers are totally an option. Here is what is left:

1. Favorite high school memory?

2. Favorite high school hangout?

3. Who was your high school crush?

4. Favorite song from your high school years?

5. If I had known then what I know I would have…?

6. The person I have been the most curious about after all these years?

7. Current interests?

8. Plans for the future?

The last two I am sure that I will figure something out (maybe) but I am still going to take suggestions. Your answers might be better than mine. As for the rest, I have no idea. I feel like I have the creativity of a door knob right now, so spread the word that the Queen needs help on her high school reunion form! :)

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Shopping and stuff

Went shopping with my sister yesterday afternoon at one of the many Wally World locations in the area as both she and I needed a few things. One of the things that I needed was shampoo and conditioner. I was completely out of my normal stuff and have been getting the last drops out of the bottles for a few days. They had the shampoo that I use but did not have any conditioner. I happened to look to the left and down and saw Mary Kate and Ashley shampoo and conditioner. They had stuff all over the store, from clothes and makeup to bedding. My sister and I started to joke about how they are taking over the world. It sure seemed like it from all the different things that were there with their name on them. Anyways, they smelled pretty good and they were each under $3. Got one of each and a bottle of my regular shampoo, some undies, and cat food. My hair will be clean, the cats will be fed and all will be right with the world.

In other news…..

My car seems to be a constant issue these days. First, the stupid woman hits me. Then I have to buy two new tires that I cannot afford. Now, it looks as if they did not put the hubcaps back on right because they keep disappearing, or in my opinion, falling off. First it was the cover to the part where the nuts and bolts are on the right front. Today I saw that my right rear one is completely gone as well. What the hell! I guess I am not going to get a break where this is concerned any time soon, and I will be going back to the place where I bought the tires this Tuesday so I can chew someone out and get some new hubcaps.

I don’t normally post things that are too personal here, but I donít feel this is too personal as it is strictly about me. It is about what I have told people recently. Given the way that things are at the moment I am not making any relationship commitments to ANYONE. My plate is FULL. It would not be fair to those people for me to do so and it would also not be fair to me. My actions might say different at times; that my intentions of commitment are there. There is also the saying that actions speak louder than words. My words are what count here. I am doing what I said I am going to do. My actions are beside the point and are based on something else. NO commitments for the moment. Period. End of story.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

It is finally Friday.

Wednesday night was the best fun! Hauled Blake and myself to the DFW Blogs happy hour. I had a very good time and this certainly beats physics homework! Tina was so suprised to see Blake… it was cool. I got to talk to and hang with Leia, Lauren, John, and Ru. Overall, I had a great time and I am hoping that everyone else did as well.

Worked like a dog yesterday and it looks like today is not going to be any different. Going to get the site finished that I am working on, with all the changes that were requested and that need to be made.

There is so much that I want to write about right now but there has not been the time this week. I am hoping to have a chance this weekend, but then again, there is that stinking physics test next week I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. I really hate physics.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Went to see…

… the sneak preview of “Road to Perdition” at the Magnolia Theater last night with Blake. This movie will come out Friday (7/12) in theaters every where and should not be missed. It was great! As typical of me, I was covering my eyes during some of the gun fight scenes. Blake thought I was weird and according to him, the people around me were more freaked out that I was doing that than they were at the gunshots in the film. I just hope that me doing that made the whole experience more memorable for them! :)

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Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Just a few things

1. I passed Calculus. Yay ME!

2. July 4th was way cool. Got ti see fireworks from all over the Dallas area from one central location. Very nice.

3. I hate physics and Braydon was right – this is going to be a long five weeks.

4. Taking the car to the adjuster today for the fender bender I was a victim of last week (she hit me).

5. I am registered for Games Programming in the fall. My excitement is slowly turning to fear as I am hearing that only one student made an A last time it was offered, and that was because he used a gave he had already written.

6. I am finally working. Yay!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

From the pen of Hannah

OK… I did tell some people that I would continue the SP Amy interview, and I am still going to, but today I decided to check the “Laughin Love” archives in my email and track down the last story that cousin Hannah sent me, and here it is:

Love at First Blood

It happened when two people didn’t know each other. A girl named Emma was a fun girl to be around with. A boy named Mevin who was a complete piano sort of guy. No one would image that they would be together until that report card day.

It was on the bus when Emma admitted her crush of her life: Mevin. No one could believe it that Emma, the most prettiest girl in high school, would fall in the crush stage of Mevin. Meanwhile……………….

“She’ll never and I mean NEVER AND EVER go for you Mevin,” said Mevin’s friend Youk. You could say that Youk was president of the dork fan club. (Trust me it was bad.)

“Says who?” said Mevin. “I have good amount of chance of getting Emma. After all she is the most beautiful, smartest…..” Then Mevin started to drool.

“Yuck!” yelled Youk. “Don’t drool all over my new dork sticker 2002 Limited Edition! That cost $400!”

“I don’t see why you buy those things,” said Mevin. “You can save that money for the best collage.”

“They’re to die for!” said Youk. “Anyway you can’t get her while she’s property of Rade, the star football player.”

Then it happened the one thing that no one ever suspected to happen.

“Stop!” screamed Emma. “Let go of me!”

“Stop what?” said Rade. “We do this all the time.”

“Let go of me!” shrieked Emma. “I’m getting sick and tired of you doing this to me! You sick puppy!”

What was Rade doing? He was slobbering all over Emma’s neck.

“What did you say?” asked Rade.

“I called you a sick puppy!” replied Emma. “I’m leaving you!”

Then she walked out of his life. As she was leaving (if you were there) there was a faint scream like you see horror movies. Rade’s heart was destroyed by the only girl he loved.

The next day Emma walked into the one class that any popular girl would never breathe in was the science class.

“Hey!” said Emma. “Um… could I borrow Mevin for a minute?”

Everyone looked at Mevin. In Mevin’s mind he was wondering why did Emma the most beautiful, smartest, (ok we better stop, because Mevin’s starting to drool). Mevin walked with Emma down the hall until they came to the front of the school.

“Um……” began Emma. “I was just thinking…maybe we could go out some time.”

“You GF and BF?” asked Mevin.

“Yeah!” said Emma. “Bye!” There she left.

Wow! The most smartest, beautiful, (ok Mevin stop drooling). She asked me to become her boyfriend!

Then from that point on Mevin began to go out with Emma. Everyone was amazed at the decision that Emma made for a boyfriend. They both fell in love with each other. Then one night a girls’ sleepover, Emma faced with the truth.

“You have to tell him,” said Rachel, Emma’s best friend.

“Tell who?” asked Emma.

“Mevin,” said Rachel. “You have to tell him that.”

“I can’t just tell him.” said Emma. “He wouldn’t go out with me anymore if I tell him. Besides I love him and I don’t want to break him.”

“Tell him or you’ll never tell him.” said Rachel.

“Ok I’ll tell him,” said Emma. “Tomorrow night at our secret place.”

Tomorrow came too soon for Emma. Then 8:00 came. Emma was waiting as she saw Mevin walked up to her. Mevin changed. He had contacts instead of glasses, got his hair done in a hollywood way, and the way he looked at you was more beautiful than ever.

“Hi Em,” said Mevin. “You said that it was important.”

“Yeah.” said Emma. “Mevin………”

“I’m pregnant.”

“What?!” said Mevin.

“I’m kidding!” laughed Emma. “hahahaha”

“Ok good.”

As it turned out Emma and Mevin stayed together all through their whole lives. They had twins a boy and girl named Mevin Jr. and Emma. The whole family lived happily ever after.

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