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Friday, September 27, 2002

at least I’m up

Still feeling a little wacked out today. Don’t know why. Big fun is scheduled for tomorrow night. I want simple fun tonight. Drinks? Movie? There is that 70′s skin flick playing at the Angelika… in 3D no less. Hehehehe. Anyone interested? Email me.

UPDATE: I talked to Melissa (who does not blog) earlier and she said she was interested in going. My idea right now is to go early, get tickets before it sells out and then go over to Trinity Hall for a bit (before the movie starts) – I am thinking approximately 10pm (maybe sooner), and the movie (The Disco Dolls in Hot Skin) is at 12:15am. Jon emailed me and I told him this as well. So, if you would like to join us, there is the plan.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002


It has been decided – the meetup location is going to be Bennigan’s on the east side of US75 in Plano – exit Park Blvd. It is a good bit from there to 121 but I think this would be a good central location since people would be coming from all different areas (I’m coming form Denton, others coming up 75 from Dallas and so on). Since the gates are going to open at 6pm (the concert is scheduled to start at 8pm) I am going to say Bennigan’s from 4:30-5:30, leaving promptly at 5:30. I drove it last night (actually drove too far… missed the exit for 121) and I think that 30 minutes allowed for getting there will be fine.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Symphony on the Range is Saturday

I am just now beginning to realize that my body clock is all jacked up. The assumption is reasonable considering how late I was up last Friday night and that I was up even later Saturday night. Not allowing your head to hit the pillow until after 6am is not a good thing. I am also beginning to think that this is adding to the distractive mood I have been in. Bad Amy! Got to bed on time!

In other news…

Symphony on the Range is this Saturday night. Looks like there are still some tickets available (according to the Ticketmaster site) but I am not sure how long that will be the case. They are no longer offering the regular mail option on there. So, if you think you might want to go get your ticket now – call Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000. I would also bet that you can get them at any Ticketmaster location but I would call first if I were you. On the site is also says that you can get tickets from Bill’s Records and Tapes in Dallas on Spring Valley.

I drove out to the location on Sunday (121 and Custer) and I am sure that a meetup location before the event is going to be a good idea. There is not alot out there but open space and a 7-11. I am going to be finding a meetup location this evening while in Dallas. I am thinking somewhere off US75 in Plano. Suggestions will be taken. The gates are going to open at 6pm that day and the concert starts at 8pm. I am thinking a late afternoon meetup so we can get a good spot. Time will be announced with location once it is determined.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

my list and pictures

First off, Leia and Julie – thank you for a wonderful time Friday night. I think it was one of the best slumber parties I have been to. Everyone else had made their lists. I want one too! Ok… here it goes:

Slumber parties are fun

There should be more of them

Connie is a good artist

especially when it comes to skin

Purity tests are fun

Katie and I both rock in pigtails

Karen sure can do some awesome make-overs

Drinks and dancing are fun no matter where you are

I have alot of stuff

Webcams are cool

Guys like the boobies on the webcam

The jello shots were a hit

The margaritas were good too

Anyone need toilet paper?

Confirmed the theory that Benedryl makes me sleepy

Alex can make better pancakes than me

Next, the pictures are posted – reunion, Operation Kindness walk, and an assortment of others. Ripped off the format from Ru. I am really wishing I had a digital camera now. After doing all that scanning and cropping of the individual pictures and everything else… I wonder if Santa is reading my site.

The lack of updates in the past few days has been due to me being distracted. Nothing in particular. Just alot floating around in my head. I am hoping that some serious focus on school this week will help distract me from the distractions. That sounds bad – I need a distraction from the distractions. Oi with the poodles already!

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

big kid slumber party

As typical of the monthly happy hours, last night was fun! That is even despite the blister that my shoe put on my right big toe, putting me in pain. After last weekend you would think that I would be getting used to the foot pain by now. Guess that even though I seem to be able to handle some other forms of pain this one I am just not used to. Instead I am too used to comfortable shoes.

Tomorrow night is going to be fun too. Leia and Julie are hosting a slumber party. They are saying just like middle school but with adult beverages. Woohoo! I think I am going to make jello shots for the occasion. I am embarrassed to say how long I have had the only bottle of vodka I have ever owned. In fact, I don’t think I remember how old it is. I have always thought that this is one of those things that does get better with age.

Off to class and the lab. It is going to be a long afternoon in both.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

more geeky stuff

Went to the LARC lab last night and found out a few things:

1. Cool Beans makes good fried zucchini and mushrooms.

2. One of the guys there only thinks that I am four years older than him. I am ok with anyone wanting to think that I am younger than I am and this fell under that category.

3. If I play Counter Strike more I will eventually get better and surpass my opponents.

4. Finally, Farah clued me into a site that describes us – the Geek Girls. With the exception of the section “Talking to the Geek Girl” (the stuff there does not apply to me or Farah) everything else is pretty much right on the money.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

good morning…errr…ummm…afternoon

I must say that I went to the R.L. Turner High School Class of 1992 reunion this weekend not expecting much more than how high school was. Boy, was I surprised! I had so much more fun than I ever imagined; talked to and caught up with people that I would have never thought I would have; staying out way later than I thought I would as well. I am going to sit down and detail the experience later on today, but for now have to go do some things. One of those is finish off the roll of film that was started late last night so I can get all of the pictures developed, scanned and posted. The Queen’s work is never done! :)

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Friday, September 13, 2002

the day has arrived

Well, the camera is locked and loaded, per the instructions of sister Stacy (“Take lots of pictures!”). Make up is on and now some of the final touches need to be done – iron shirt, paint toes, finish hair, get money, etc. I am not going to make any assumptions. Going to go and try to have fun. See the people I want to see. All post reunion comments will be reserved for when I choose to post them, which will be long after this weekend.

Wish me luck.

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Thursday, September 12, 2002


Something was just pointed out to me this morning. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. MY REUNION IS ON FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Why? Whose bright idea was this? I am not normally very superstitious but I have noticed that when there is a full moon people drive a little freaky. The fact that I have an event to go to on a believed to be unlucky day just bothers me a little. Hopefully, if I don’t focus on it nothing bad will happen. I am still not thrilled about this though.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Poetic Wax rules!

For the ladies that were at Tina’s party a few weeks ago and were there for the waxing conversation (guys too… if you are interested to know the results) I have tried the Poetic Wax and have to report that this stuff rocks! What ever hair it stuck to it got ripped out with very few exceptions, and I went back and got them with the tweezers. And I was doing the Brazilian wax that we talked about as well. Here are my tips:

1. Water bath. You cannot get around this. You might be saying that you like using the microwave for this task. Well, good things take time.

2. Use an old towel. I got some on the towel I was sitting on and not sure if it will come out.

3. For the Brazilian look, once you get the top part done, move further south and start working from the bottom up rather than trying to work down. I found that at least on me that hair will be going in an upwards direction anyway and I found that doing this made things easier to control and did not have the problems that came with working top down (I tried both ways).

4. Allow enough time. With this stuff you will need to re-heat and that means back to the water bath.

5. Have something handy that you can put the used wax pieces in.

Overall, I am really happy with this stuff. There are no strips. The only thing that is sticky is the wax itself and that is when it is hot. You apply the wax, it cools (and hardens) and you rip it off. Finished off the margarita bucket while I was doing all this. I am thinking some good wine for next time.

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