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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

another dorky kid photo

Anyone who knows me and who has sat still long enough to hear the story knows that I am now 3-2 on bouquet catches at weddings. I did have a perfect record of 3-0 and wanted to maintain that unblemished perfection but the last two screwed that up. I put no faith in the theory behind the tradition. For me it is just sport.

On that note, and with my sister’s recent zeal for her new scanner I am posting another drop down, rolling on the floor in painful hysterics childhood photo. I never really liked this picture. I don’t know why I was so eager to catch that bouquet (maybe it was the beginning of the “for sport” attitude that I have now). It always was a reminder for me of things that were not always pleasant. After giving it some thought I realized that I should post the picture along with the details why I have never liked it. How could I deprive you of one of my many less than flattering moments? It would just not be right.

1. I was a dork. I still am one but I am now more accepting of my dorkiness. I wanted to be one of those popular kids but never was.

2. My hair. My mother ALWAYS kept my hair cut real short. I hated it. There were many times when it was cut too short and I looked like a boy. I have issues to this day with short hair on me – not other people; just me. I don’t know why she did it and have not gotten a reasonable answer on that (to my knowledge) but she has been well informed of the trauma that it caused me growing up and has since apologized, saying that she had no idea that it did that to me.

3. Once again, the matching outfits. This was not too bad (now that I think about it) but we thought it was at the time. We hated dressing alike when we were little. As Stacy and I got older we sometimes did it to be cute (and still do if the mood hits us and we actually have the same outfit to wear) but for the most part she has her taste and I have mine and I take my cues from her on the rest.

4. Geez… could I be any more anxious here?

Another thing that I noticed looking at the picture now are the hair styles. I forget the exact date of this wedding but it looks like maybe 1981 or so. Mannnn…all that feathering.

Anyways, enjoy.

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Friday, October 25, 2002

must see tv… NOT!

I was deprived of ER last night. Grrrrrr. Damn NBC. There is one thing that should be constant and never change – Thursday night tv. Grrrrrrr.

With Halloween being less than a week away I happen to catch the report last night that Drew Barrymore is going to star in the follow up movie to “The Wizard of Oz”. Little do they know that I have the ruby slippers in my closet. Well, not the real ones; the ones that I made – a pair of cheap shoes, lots of red glitter, spray adhesive and spray clear coat. They top off the Dorothy costume that I also have but will not be wearing this year as I have nowhere to wear said costume. This years Halloween celebrating will be belated and in things that I am usually more likely to be wearing when I am about to hit the hay.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

it’s a boy!

Congratulations to Will and Erin on their new baby – Caleb Zechariah. Now Asher has a little brother. I wonder if this one is going to do the same weird thing that I remember Asher doing with his hands – he would make this strange little face, have his hands out in front of him and be looking at them as if to say “Mwwwaaahhhh! I have you under my power!” That was before he was talking so there is no telling what was going on in that little head.

Anyways, at 9lbs. sounds like definitely another handfull, or two. :) Take care y’all and hope to see you Christmas.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

at least they fit

Wearing my size 6 classic fit jeans today from the Gap. I think this is the best they have fit since I actually bought them. Right now they are a little too big in the seat, they fit in the waist but they fit better than everything else I own at the moment. Procrastinating on the project right now.

Crap! Just found out that this is my day to register for spring. I don’t even have the course schedule yet. Need to get going so I can get one and get this done before all the good classes are full.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

that damn song

Geeeeez… you people and that song. Click here to get the lyrics to the penis song. I will post a more permanent link soon.

My weekend was fun but nothing to write home about. Woke up Sunday feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Other unexpected things have happened as a result of this weekend but still nothing worth mentioning at the moment. We shall see what comes of all this.

Need to get to school and work on stuff for software development.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

cocktail event and South Park Amy continued

Well, what can I say? Another DFWBlogger event that went off in a crazy direction. I think the meeting up with some good people followed by some serious hottubing (it had to be serious hottubing – most of us were in our underwear) was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to Tina for providing the hottub and thanks to everyone else for good company on a cold night. I am still shocked that there are going to be pictures posted from this. Very scary.

As per my conversation with Charles, here is the continuation of the original South Park Amy interview:

Does you mom use any of your dad’s workout tapes or follow any of his programs?: No. She says that those tapes bring back bad memories for her. She said that there is a friend of daddy’s that she does not like on those tapes. She said that he even brought this friend along on their honeymoon.

So does you mom have her own workout?: Yes. She has a trainer that she see every day and sometimes at night. They have slumber parties sometimes too. I asked them if I could come but they said that it was a special adult slumber party.

On to more about Ben. We heard rumors that Ben had been seen out and about with Jennifer Lopez. I thought he was in your closet: He is in my closet and those are all lies! It was probably the look-a-like that his people hire to make everyone one else think that he is out with other girls and not in my closet. You wanna see Ben in my closet?

reporter: Yes, I do.

(South Park Amy takes the reporter to her closet and opens the door)

R:Well, you weren’t kidding.

SPA: I know. Hi Ben!

BA: Hi Amy.

SPA: Say hi to the reporter Ben.

BA: Hi.

(South Park Amy closes the closet door. Not long after this Richard Simmons walk into the room, opens the door to the closet, goes inside and shuts the door.)

SPA: See, I told you that Ben was in the closet and that my dad visits him.

Well, I think I have enough Amy. Is there anything else that you would like to add?: My mommy said to tell you that we are a loving family. My daddy said to tell you say “Hello” for him to David Letterman and ask why he does not return any of his calls.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

miscelaneous random stuff

I found this kooky link on Jessica‘s site the other day. Decided to do as she did and see what came out. First, I did some first names:

Amy is a burglar alarm! It can be bolted onto a WAP device!

Stacy is an alcoholic drink that secretes a sticky glue! It keeps your breath fresh for up to twenty-four hours and is perfectly safe to use.

Melissa is a fridge magnet that hums incessantly! It can pick locks.

When I added in last names the result was totally different:

Amy (my last name) is a strain of bacteria that automatically updates your weblog when used! It is made of solid gold.

Stacy (her last name) is a laser-printer! It is different every time you use it!

Melissa (her last name) is a Christmas tree that follows a target of your choice!

Then I started on my site:

queen is an answering machine that’s solar-powered! It has an on-board dictionary.

queenofloveandbeauty is a pudding that connects to an energy drink, is great for hammering in nails and is different every time you use it.

queen of love and beauty is a penknife that talks! It flashes at intervals.

Hehehehe… well, I thought it was funny.

Evidently the server date issue has not yet been resolved and I have not been given any clue as to when it is going to be. I may not be clairvoyant but I guess my site is for the time being. You may ask it what you like but take heed – the mind behind the madness may not give you the answer you want. Mwwwaaahhhh!

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Friday, October 18, 2002

is it Friday yet?

I am having a hard time getting into this week. Went and did some business yesterday and am now trying to get into actually getting some work done for school. Too much stress coming from the outside. I need a stress reliever. Suggestions?

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Monday, October 14, 2002

I’m back

After some crazy server issue The Queen is back up and running properly . Now, about the fair…

Leia, Karen, Michael, Bryan, Connie and me went to the fair Tuesday night and it was great! First off, thanks to Leia we had the hook up with a special pass that not only got everyone in the car into the fair for FREE but also got us parking inside the fair grounds. For those of you that know anything about the fair itself and about Fair Park, you know that this was awesome (parked right by the Music Hall)! We were total rockstars!

We get there and after getting coupons we head for the food. Ate corn dog, cotton candy, nachos with jalapenos with Connie, and a funnel cake (all in that order…Yummy!!!). Also rode some rides – the HUGE ferris wheel, crazy mouse, swings and that ride where all you do is lay back while the thing spins around and forces you against the wall. We managed to make it to the petting zoo which was something that I had never done before. Karen bought us each a small cup of feed for the animals (thank you Karen) and we were on our way. The goats knew the racket – they were all about the food that they knew you had and they knew that they were cute enough to get it away from you. Bryan was surprised to find out that roosters actually crow. There were also pigs there but they did not want our food – they were too busy feeding off their momma. Many of the animals there looked to be either bored with the people there (since I assume they had been seeing so many all day) or just tired. Around the outside there were some of the more common animals – dogs and cats that happened to be asleep after a big day of attention getting. Despite the rain (we bloggers are troopers) it was an evening of good fun.

Felt a little silly yesterday. Had been working on the game and trying to get the background to scroll the other way (left instead of right) and was making changes to the code to get this to happen and not getting anything to work. Come to find out that once again I was making something out to be harder than it was. The only change that needed to be made was to one symbol and the thing worked. Because of this I am going to look more towards the simple today while coding.

Off to be productive.

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Sunday, October 6, 2002

weekend recap

Did another waxing today. Woohoo! It was less painful this time but then again I don’t find the pain from this to be that bad. Less hair to wax too.

On to other things…

Last night turned out to be really fun. After stopping by Melissa’s and hearing about her day and then finding out that she was not going to be up for going out (until next weekend) I decided to head down to the Gypsy Tea Room to join Courtney and Amanda for the Bright Eyes show. For the record GTR needs to get their crap together – I checked their site yesterday and it said the show was $12; I get there and am told $17.50. WTF? Anyways, the show was not bad and I surmised that if the very angry lead singer were to get therapy his music would probably suffer because he would not be so angry and that seemed to be what the crowd wanted. After it was over we went to the Lakewood Cafe. Took a bit of time to get there – for some reason there were a number of streets being blocked off causing the traffic to be really bad and making it hard to get to a freeway. We finally got out of the mess and got there. Kudos to Courtney for directing me there – if it had been just me in the car I would have been driving around all night in that mess not to mention I had no idea how to get to the Lakewood Cafe.

While at the LC some big drunk guy came and sat down with us for a bit. Amanda and Courtney tolerated him; I was annoyed by him. I had to move over some when he sat down next to me. He was so drunk (as also were his friends) that he could barely keep his eyes open. He sat there and Courtney and Amanda talked to him. I might have to but my seat was the one he barged in on. When he finally returned to his tribe to report back his findings I mentioned that if Courtney’s purse had still been on that end of my seat it would have been a goner (big drunk guy was so smashed that he probably would not have noticed and smashed the contents). We laughed about that and also the fact that this guy teaches children for a living. Very scary. Overall, it was a fun evening and Courtney and Amanda were fun company.

Went and saw “Igby Goes Down” at the Angelika on the recommendation from Sharon, although I don’t think that anything at the Angelika needs a recommendation. I have seen nothing but good stuff there. Anyways, this was the second week in a row that I found myself laughing to the point that I was snorting in the movie theater, but not for the same reason that I was last week. Then it was a case of two good sized Irish drafts from Trinity Hall combined with the fact that Melissa and me were just being silly. This time it was during the actual start of the movie. I couldn’t help it. Susan Sarandon was snoring. Just see the movie and you will see what I am talking about.

One last thing… I was thinking the other day about I site that someone found and clued me in on awhile back. If you ever had a Snoopy Sno Con Machine you will get a kick out of this (and if you didn’t you will still like it anyway).

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