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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I have been busy

On the subject of lack of posts, I must say that I have been rather busy since last Thursday and there is good reason why I have not been posting but I am not at liberty to say what. It should suffice to just say that I have had other obligations.

Stars game on Friday was way cool. We were right there near where the glass broke – only 5 rows from the glass! After that we did some shopping and then I got to meet Ron’s mother. We went curling that night with Darren and Sue. That is hard. I fell down a good number of times and have the bruises to prove it.

Melissa had to drive to Houston today to take care of a passport issue. I wish I could have gone – the IKEA store is down there! Have school today instead.

If anyone knows about issues that arise with MS Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express I would appreciate the info. OE became corrupted a while back and now Outlook 2000 will not open either – just sits there at the opening box. Tried restoring the registry and tried renaming the .pst file. Neither solution worked.

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Thursday, November 7, 2002

went to court

This week so far has been pretty uneventful other than school and taking care of business. Melissa was so cool yesterday dealing with the assistant city attorney in the city where I have a ticket. Two things about this guy – he behaves like the hole of his posterior and there has to be something wrong when someone has been practicing law for twenty five years but is in an entry level position. The offer that the guy made sucked – she knew it, I knew it and the other two attorneys in the court room knew it when they heard it. So, since she knows my situation right now she was more than happy to set it for trial. She also added that she would not mind the experience anyway. Now we wait for the letter as to the court date for that. Woohoo!

Stars game tomorrow night. Yay! I am hoping that I will be close enough this time that when I yell at the goalie to stay in front of the net (and not leave like he did last week costing the Stars the game in OT) he will hear me. I suggested to Ron that maybe a bull horn would be in order but he talked me out of it. They would probably kick me out and then never let me back in – my picture would be up at every security check point; I would be on the American Airlines Center most wanted list (or least wanted list… depends on your perspective).

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Monday, November 4, 2002


Today has not gone as expected. Because of this I am back home and trying to be productive for my game group. Added code to the object file – ONLY 37 errors on the first compile. Will hunker down and get to that in a moment…

Wow! What a week last week was! Went to the Stars game Wednesday night, dinner and a leage hockey game Friday night and the party at Billy and Jessica‘s Saturday night.  

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