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Thursday, December 5, 2002

late night delerium is setting in

Ok… I have been slacking on my site and my updates. The end of the semester has come quicker than I thought and working on the DirectShow and MP3 stuff is getting old. I am sure that I will get it and I keep procrastinating and doing other things but I need to do it and prove to myself that I can. Wait… I know I can so I don’t need to prove anything… I just need to do it.

I am having things tossed at me as of late that I already know. I already know that I am nice to most people regardless of whether or not they are nice to me. I smile and move on from things rather than make them situations. I already know that in some situations I don’t need to make friends to get a job done, but that it can sometimes make life a bit more pleasant. It may also put you at some risk, depending on the new friend. I know that I push myself in what ever I do. I know that I have to control my urge to rejoice at my success when others are not seeing the same success. Finally, I know that the jealousy of others does not detract from my pushing myself but rather makes me work that much harder as I am already doing better and I want to keep it that way. I enjoy the feeling that comes with rising above the rest and crushing the competition with only a wink and a smile.

Going to bed now.

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