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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

car update

Got to my car this morning, thanks to Jason! :) I got there to discover one more thing that I don’t like about cars – they are weird. It started. I put the key in and tried and it started. I was even able to drive ot over to Goodyear – no having to recruit man help to have it pushed while I try not to hit anyone or anything. I gave them the run down on what the car has been doing within the past six months and they are checking it out from there. Worst case? They say that they cannot find anything wrong and I get stuck somewhere again. We’ll see what happens.

UPDATE: The total is in – approximately $450 to fix the problem. They sound certain that they have pin pointed the issue and they were able to get it to die. I was just hoping it was not something like my grandmother’s old AMC ’77 Pacer did one night – it would not start and we had it towed and then it started up just fine and never gave us the same issue again.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

dead car

My day has now turned to crap… at 10 o’clock at night. My car died in the Taco Bell drive thru lane. Don’t know why yet. Hopefully it is just the alternator and nothing really big. It would start and then immediately die. I have had the thing die on me before but not like this – not to where it would not start back up fully. The folks over at TB were very nice and helpful and one even gave me a ride home. They also tried to help me jump it but it was no use. The pizza is now on its way and I am waiting to hear back from someone on getting a ride in the morning to my car to figure out how it can be gotten to Goodyear, which is right next door to the Taco Bell.

Cars are nice when they work. When they stop working they are a pain in the ass.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

there I go… acting like a girl again

For th most part I am usually considered one of the guys. In the lab at school, among friends, at work, etc. I have always been around guys more than I have girls. I seem to think more like they do for the most part. Then when it comes to a few select topics I am more the girl – trying to hold her own and not get hurt in the process. That is when I make some girl based decisions, and not always seeing the larger picture, but rather sheilding myself from being thought of as weak or needy. These are things that I am not and do not want to be mistaken for. Because of this, I have been acting like a girl this week… and it is only Wednesday. Quick – someone give me a pill or something to make it stop! :)

Have to run!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

go stars!!!

The Dallas Stars won tonight against those big bully Oilers – 3 to 1. Yay!!! Go STARS!!!

Tina posted an interesting blub on her site today, or I should say yesterday. Very cool.

DFWBlogs happy hour is tonight. I amd definitely ready to get my happy on.

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Monday, April 14, 2003

I hate tax saeson

I cannot believe that I have not done my taxes yet, or should I say, gotten the stuff to my sister so that she can do them. I guess filing an extension is in order this year. I have never done my own taxes and I never want to. There are too many accountants in my family for me to have to. Besides, basic math is too much for me to handle right now. I have game programming math to deal with – vector and linear algebra and stuff like that.

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Monday, April 7, 2003

slow monday

Nothing much going on at the moment. Working in the LARC again today. I have a headache. I need sympathy. :(

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