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Friday, May 30, 2003

out the door

Walking out the door and don’t have time for much right now. Power went out yesterday morning. That was fun. Just checked the answering machine and there was a message from Stacy about our diet pills being ephedra free now. Walmart always likes to ban things – why would this be any different? Not to mention I already knew this because I went there and went ahead and bought the ephedra free ones (reluctantly). Later!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

if I could bottle it…

Jennifer over in Addison sent me an email saying that she had been reading my site for the past couple of months and found me to be “hilarious.” Some people have said to me that they don’t know how I can put myself out there like I do, but in all actuality, I am not putting that much of myself into what I write – just usually the good stuff and the things that aren’t terribly personal.

Because of that there is alot that is left out . Many things that only the people that are close to me know about. Many events that go unspoken of, or in this case, not blogged. For over a year now this has been my place to vent and share that which I find appropriate – meaning the things that I am comfortable sharing.

I have always kept myself really guarded when it comes to my personal life. Guarded in what I tell people here and guarded in what I tell people I am with. I feel fortunate that I have actually learned from the lessons I have experienced in the past thirty years and I know that when I go against my better judgment that I have gained from these lessons I am taking a chance. I have no room to say “I shouldn’t have done…” because in most cases I made the decision well informed of the possible consequences all the while hoping that I might get the better outcome.

As far a both things are concerned (me making educated decisions and keeping the readers of this site in stitches at the same time) if I could bottle and market this I would make my fortune. Just think – a serum or pill that would impart all of the lessons I have learned and the comedy that just happens to follow. I would have to label it ‘herbal’ or ‘all natural’ because the FDA might come after me but then again all the lessons from that could go into the ‘extra-strength’ version.

Enough about all this. Since this is not where I am going to make my fortune I need to get to school. Thanks Jennifer for the nice email. It sure does beat spam!

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Sunday, May 4, 2003

nightly conversations

Last night was the most fun just hanging out and drinking I have had in a long time. TJ is in town from New York and I met up with him, Rebecca and some of his other friends at Suede Bar on lower Greenville. Even met one of the owners and who gave us some free (well, me) jello shots (they weren’t really jello anymore due to the humidity but I didn’t care – I like grape).

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy being able to put the ‘B’ in bitch when given the opportunity. I also enjoy bringing ex-boyfriends (the jerky ones) down a peg or two when the chance arises. Hehehehehe. This is where the night got even more interesting and a story that I know Rusty will love to hear, so why not blog it and tell everyone. WARNING: Not leaving out names here because he was a big jerk. He is not worth sparing details on given what happened then.

I spot this guy and he looked familiar. Told TJ that I thought I knew him and that I had gone out with him (this was about seven years ago). Also mentioned his very unimpressive reputation. Hmmmm… he is still single…. not surprised. So I go up to him:

me: You are Mike, right?

Mike: Yea

me: What is your last name?

Mike: Why?

me: I know you. I used to work with you at Internet America.

Mike: Yea. Marshall.

me: So do you remember me?

Mike: (thinking) Ummmm….Kim?

(I think I saw the tail from the rat that was running on the wheel in his head a few times, coming out his ear.)

me: no

Mike: I don’t know then.

me: Oh well. bye.

And I walked away, evil grin in tow. Hehehehe. That was not the best part. That was later on when I tried him again, since you know he is racking his brain over this.

me: So, you figure it out yet?

Mike: Melissa.

me: no (shaking head at pathetic loser)

me: you and I (insert details of past here)

Mike: I know that.

me: And you can’t remember my name?

Mike: What can I say? I am worthless.

me: yea… you were then and you are now. (walked off)

BAM! Take that! You give me an opening and I am going to take it. Told everyone else what happened and they seemed quite impressed and gave me many high fives. I had a few drinks in me and the adrenaline was flowing. I was pumped but it was late and I had a long drive home ahead of me. Everyone else began to leave too and Rebecca got my number and said she would call me. Later, in the car, the a conversation with self…

me: but I want to….

brain: no

me: but….

brain: it will all be cleared in a few days

me: oh, alright (sulking)

brain: good girl

Stopped off and bought “Two Weeks Notice” and “Anne of Green Gables No.1″ on DVD (I loved that series! I am so glad it is out.) and went home. Today is back to the grind. Lots of work to do.

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Thursday, May 1, 2003

it is almost friday!

A few things that I have either forgotten to blog or just came to me after a not so nice reminder….

Hung out some with Ru last weekend and managed to show him the house that my great-grand mother lived in because last I knew the thing was still standing. We passed by it and it is still standing – barely. I don’t even remember it looking that bad before. It probably didn’t. I have not seen it in I don’t know how many years. I am not even sure if it has changed hands past the time that my aunt and uncle finally sold it and the adjoining lot. The people who are there now have put up a really tacky fence to try and bring together the house and the extra land – either that or they have animals. The two other building on the property looked like they were in a bit better shape but they are also under some trees and don’t get alot of sun. The people who are there now had a big RV in the driveway with some weird painting on the back. Very strange to see it again. It may not be necessary to knock it down as it will probably collapse on its own.

And the not so nice reminder…

HYGENE – it is a good thing people. There is one person in the lab at school that sits in a small enclosed space and smokes constantly or he just does not bathe or do laundry. I am thinking it is the latter. His nails are dirty. He reeks of cigarettes and filth. He is completely anti-social but then again that may due to his own actions – no one can stand to be around him he smells so bad. If he is at all curious why he does not have a girlfriend I could clue him in to the reason why and I don’t think that I am the only one that would come to this conclusion. Bathing = GOOD; Running around all stinky = BAD.

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