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Thursday, June 26, 2003

happy hour tonight

My friend TJ is in town for a few days. Tonight we are heading down to the Blarney Stone on lowest Greenville at 7:30 if anyone would like to join us. The last happy hour that I went to with him and some of his other friends was a blast and I am sure that this one will be the same. ;)

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

not my day

I thought today was going to be nice. Going to have some peace and quiet before tonight. Went to get lunch and thought that since I was just down the way from my favorite movie theater north of Dallas I would stop in and see if there was anything playing right then. Found something that I wanted to see and got my ticket, drink and already had my sandwich in my purse. No sooner did I sit down for the previews that the power went out and the emergency lights came on. Ummmm….ok. Come to find out a transformer near by had gone out and they were going to have to wait on that to be fixed before they could do anything. Got my money back and tried a few other theaters but found nothing to be working with my schedule or to my liking so I came home.

I am at home, eating my sandwich and watching tv when the cell phone rings – someone calling about a used car for sale. Told them they had the wrong number and hung up. They called back – I asked what number they were calling and they rattled off my number. CRAP! Someone has an ad in the Dallas Morning News for a used car with my number on it. I confirmed this by looking it up online. At this point I am thinking that things cannot get any worse.

Start some laundry and am doing things around the apartment. Had to start the water in the shower and found there to be no hot water. Nothing like a cold shower in the afternoon. I really hope that things can’t get worse from here, but then again I have probably jinxed myself by saying that. Oh well.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

tired and ready for bed

I am so fortunate to have the sister that I do. I also feel that I am fortunate to be the older one of the two of us. I hope that I can inpart some of my experiences to her and save her the unnecessary stress that I have had to endure over my years. Not to mention, a good layer of T.P. on a certain someone’ s house would be a good stress reliever, but that is just my opinion. Even if the Carrollton police did come by I don’t think that they would blame us, based on two factors: one being our ages and the other being that we would probably be asking for their help in getting the higher spots (roof, tree tops, etc.).

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

furry things

LADIES – If you have to come into contact with the public in any way on a daily basis and you have a hairy upper lip that requires combing, GET RID OF IT! Shave it, wax it, do what it takes to make that thing go away. No, bleach is not enough. Ewwwww.

In other news took Punky the Wonder Yorkie to the dog park by my dad’s house yesterday. They had fixed the issues with the fence (bars too far apart and too high off the ground, might allow the smaller dogs to escape) and Punky had a great time being off the leash. SHe even found an old ball in the grass and proceeded to let me know that she wanted me to pick up this nasty thing and throw it for her. I did pick it up but only to toss it over the fence and away from her sight. She still kept going back and looking for it as if to say “Damnit woman, what did you do with my ball?” She is so cute.

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