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Sunday, August 31, 2003

fan mail and flying things

I got fan mail. At least they claimed to be fans. I don’t know if there are any others out there. There was some teenager who had a link to the penis song lyrics on one of those pre-made chat profile pages with it labeled as her personal website. I took care of that. People really seem to like those lyrics. Maybe I should have t-shirts.

With all the hipster hype I decided that I would get a messenger bag for my new school tote. First off, I don’t really know where you people are getting these things but this was a major shopping trip that ended at the Gap. I think that I am probably being anti-hipster shopping at the Gap but I happen to like their stuff, that is when they actually have something that I like. They had these really big, really cool bags. I got a yellow one. I looked online and they only have the darker colors. They are also in the men’s section. That might explain the size.

Anyways, I am having to get used to using this new bag. With two of my books it is kinda heavy. I am still adjusting the strap to find the best place for the thing to land. I have been feeling some muscles that I have not felt before this week. I cannot decide if that is due to the rock climbing or the bag being hauled to and from my classes that are in no way close to each other. I also need to mention the person who decided that there was going to be no commuter parking remotely close to the EESAT building at UNT needs to be beaten severely.

Cleaned house yesterday. Not done but made a dent in it. Went out onto the patio for something and while I was out there I saw a wasp… which was headed to the huge nest that was out there. I do remember taking out a smaller nest that had been established on my turf but this one was way bigger. I went to find the can of bug killing stuf that I had used last time and found one for flying insects. Thought this was the right one until I got out there and sprayed – just a mist, not a straight shooting stream that I needed. Needless to say this pissed off the wasps and one of them stung me on the hand. My fingers swelled up but I am still alive. I finally found the can that I was looking for, but when I went back out later all the wasps were gone from the nest. I took the map handle and knocked it down and beat it with a shoe. This was fairly disgusting. WHen I went back out there this morning I saw a few of the wasps had returned to the scene of the crime, possibly to rebuild. I figure I need to actually spray the area this time to ensure that they go away and stay away.

Stacy also had a wasp problem but it was inside the house. She was wondering where they were coming from until last night – she happened to pick up the wreath that had been on the front door and there was a mud dobber nest on the back. She had thought it was funny why that thing would never stay straight while on the front door – now she knew why.

UPDATE: The wasps are back and I think they are looking for me! The whole knock-down-and-squish-the-nest thing did not work out as planned. Should have sprayed too. There are sso many out there I am afraid to open the door.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

viruses make me cranky

Someone out there has my email address in their address book and they also have a virus on their computer. I thought that this whole thing was resolved last night as I had not gotten that many between the time that I got home, went out for a bit and came home again. I guess this is on their work computer. Anyways, I digress… they evidently don’t know that they have it or I would not be getting the tons of email that this is generating. If I am able to pinpoint the source I will alert this person and try and help fix it. If I cannot I am about to start posting the IP address and other crucial info that will make this stop, as well as open this person/these people up to the have-no-mercy hackers out there who are just bored and looking for something to do. I don’t want to have to do this but I will if I have to.

Info on this thing – it is an attachment to an email with the extenison of .PIF. The filename could be any number of things from application.pif to thank_you.pif to movie0045.pif. Subject lines talk about your detals, your applicaion wicked screensaver and thank you, just to name a few. If you have any emails like this do the rest of us a favor and delete them, then find out if you are already infected.

I have a listing of four ip addresses for over fifty emails. I have seen a virus like this before but I have checked emails from that person and it is not the same person as last time (I think he learned his lesson). Please look into this folks – I don’t want to be nasty about it but it is just aggravating.

UPDATE: Read and article on Sobig.F. Sounds like this might be it.

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Monday, August 18, 2003


Just got back 3 out of 4 sets of pictures – they screwed up and printed the same one twice so I don’t get the other one until tomorrow. My first b&w roll ever looks good as do all the others, including the crazy birthday pics. I now need to scan all these and add them to the collection.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

I like being productive

I like being productive. Today was productive for me. Took time to go up to school and take care of pressing business in two different areas and bought the one book that I need for this semester. Yep, just one. I was in shock. I have unfortunately accumulated a few classes that need to be re-taken and this is going to be the semester to do that. Got the oil chaged as well but the car was desperately needing that. Got some work done on the website I am working on too. It has been a good day.

BTW, if anyone in the Dallas area wants a border collie puppy email me ASAP! They had some at the place I was getting my oil changed (here in Denton) and they were FREE! I would be able to pick up one or two (there were two left) in the morning and meet you before I have to return to my appointed schedule.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

take me out to the ball game

I thought that I was not going to the Ranger game tonight but it has worked out that I now have someone to take the other ticket and not let me go alone. I know the Rangers suck but it always fun going out there and the tickets are 4th row! Wienies an beer are yummy! Hopefully this going out will also get me back on track sleep wise – I have been sleeping too early in the evening and then waking up and being up until about 3am. I need to get up early so I need to be sleeping.

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Sunday, August 3, 2003

the eyes

Aside from the fact that I am not feeling well at the moment (or should I say up to speed) I am at home and on the computer and what better time to add this to the collection…

They were dark then and they are dark now. Piercing dark. I have lived with that and the comments that came with it my entire life. Any type of comment related to eyes…. if it is out there I have probably heard it. In some cases this is not a bad thing. Once narrowed down you then select those who are worthy of the attention. From there you look at those who are still around…. oh wait…. none left.

Guess I was too intimidating… again.

For what it is worth I am laying on my baby quilt. I still have it. It is worn now due to being well used for a number of years. I believe it is in a storage trunk in the closet.

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