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Monday, September 29, 2003

allergies… again

I went a walked outside yesterday and it just about did my allergies all in. My eyes and nose were dripping last night and was glad that I had plenty of tissues on hand. I took some benedryl and something else for all the congestion. Now I feel groggy this morning but better than I was last night.

I hate it when people tell you to blow your nose when you are like that. It does not help. It does not make it stop. It someties does make it worse. It is like a pipe that you cannot shut off. If I knew how I would.

I am just not the most pleasant person to be around when I am like this. I am asked “What can I do to make you feel better?” Go away! Leave me alone! Do you want someone hovering over you when you don’t feel good? No, you don’t. This is just an issue with me – people being around when I am all runny and drippy and unpleasant. I don’t like being seen like this. I like being left alone. I am afraid that this will freak them out and send them running off into the night, screaming something, like in some cheesy horror film.

Was it too obvious that I am still groggy from the benedryl?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

girls need hair and food

I am finally getting my hair appointment today so that I will no longer look like some homeless child. Yay! That seems to be the only thing with getting highlights done – my hair is so dark naturally it is really obvious, not to mention that if I try to wear it curly when it is like this it just looks bad.

Stopped off at Whole Foods today and made me a salad for lunch. I have to say they have a good deal going there. Sold by the pound, if you had a pound of salad that is going to be a lot of roughage. I remembered from doing this samething at another place (a long time ago) that you get more salad (and more for your buck) if you don’t have a heavy hand with the dressing. Maybe you can get more on the sie or something, if you need it. I don’t know. I do know that I am going back there again. I have to tell myself that jut because I am getting back into the workout game that it is not ok to eat a bunch of pizza. Bad Queen, bad.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

another week begins

It is the begining of another week. I am draggin’ because of the allergies trying to evolve into something more serious. Benedryl is helping but making me groggy and sluggish. Oh well.

I think that I had some more things to write about but everything is escapeing me at the moment. I do remember that I need to write about the dreams I have been having. Lately they have been strange, vivd and all remniscent of the past – people, events, etc. Michael-the-drug-boy was even in one of them. That one was scary because I have not thought about him in a long time and the Michael in the dream was the one that I remember from early on when I knew him – not the one later on that had fallen hard off the wagon and caused problems for me and everyone else in his life at the time.

There have been other dreams but I have writen none of them down. The only pattern that I recall is that they are all past event, past people, past things. Maybe it is my brain’s way of escaping all the current details that have been occupying me – school, new job, money, people. I have spent way too much time thinking about things that I want to happen but don’t have the power to make happen due to me being who I am – someone who does not want to be considered in the way of anyone else. I remember telling someone about this (or something like it) once and they did not understand what I was trying to do. Maybe I am just a different duck.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003


Tonight is swing dancing at the Sammons Center. If you are in Dallas come on out. Free lesson starts at 8pm. I am going to dance until I get spun around too much and tossed into the pit of nausea. Then I will stop.

That is all.

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Sunday, September 7, 2003


Last wek was interesting. Had lunch at a couple of places… one was one that I had no idea about and the other I just had not been to in awhile.

First of there was Rose’s Hamburgers. I can say that I have driven past this place a million times and never knew it was there. I feel like I should have known it was there since I have lived in Dallas (or at least the area) my entire life. There is no sign out front. You enter through the back. Had a really good hamburger there. The stuffed jalapenos were good too. It was some good eatin’.

Later in the week went to Lucky’s Cafe on Oak Lawn. I had already been there before. I think it was after going shopping at Ahab Bowen. This day at Lucky’s I think I saw a real hipster there. There was the trucker ball cap, the grungy looking clothes and something just clueless about him, like he was noticing all of the people in the place just as much as I was noticing his hipsterness. He also bore a strange resemblance to Jared Leto. He was with a couple of people that were dressing more their age (more adult… more professional) rather than going for the whole hipster motif. The three of them left shortly after we got there. It was some interesting eye candy.

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