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Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Things to ponder…

1. Why do french fries never re-heat well? They are simple. They are potatoes. You can bake a whole potato in the microwave be the re-heated fries suck.

2. Quote…

me: Why did you host the poker tournament but not play?

dad: Becasue I played last time and took all their money.

me: Oh.

3. Many phone calls. Many phone calls to return. If it has been a few days and I have not called you back yet, don’t worry – I will get to you. If it has been a few weeks, I probably lost your number and you need to call again.

4. LISP sucks.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

pavlovian cat

The big white cat has developed a specific response as a result of his post-surgery treatment (taking antibiotics and getting his incisions cleaned and doctored). When ever I take him to the bedroom for this, and plop him up on the bed, on top of trying to get away, he is now salivating like crazy. He is almost foaming at the mouth. He doesn’t do this at any other time. I am assuming that this is because of the pills that he has been taking – they don’t taste good and the only way he will take them is by force (aided with the pill gun thingy). I even have to take a tissue and wipe his mouth, there is so much drool.

I guess being sans three teeth doesn’t help either.

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