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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

shower scents

My hair smells like chocolate mocha (or something like this) from the Brilliant Brunette.

I smell like sweet pea and violet.

My face smells like nothing.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

looking for solution

I emptied a box of “bathroom stuff” yesterday and found that I have alot of small tubes of “stuff.” The problem is that the shelves in my linen closet are the coated-wire kind and my small things don’t stand up on them, but rather fall over in one big mess. Possible solution – go to one of the hardware mega-stores and see if they have sheets/pieces of thick, hard plastic that they will cut to size for me and I can place these on the shelves that are already there and have everything wook to my liking. Hmmmm… we shall see.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

snoopy kiss

So I was reading on Lee’s site last night and come to find out the tale of the snoopy kiss has not only been written about but seems to be one of those stories that is told over and over again, at the expense of Tommy, of course. If you read it there is a part at the beigning where the [NAME] is omitted. That would be me. I still like to rattle his chains about it too, so it is only fitting that I reveal myself now that I know this is out there.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

blacklist up to date

Ok… I thought I had MT-Blacklist up to date. It wasn’t… until now. Hopefully this will help end the mountains of spam that I have had to remove.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I was going to quote something from this but decided just to do the link instead. I have always found Rita Rudner hilarious. Even saw her in Vegas once.

What I do have is something out of my email. Talking about G Love and Special Sauce (the music group)…

&#60Jason&#62 i am lame — i dunno what the g love is
&#60Jason&#62 unless thats a night in the sack with gabe
&#60Gabe&#62 It’s easier for me to not think about how long it’s been if you don’t
&#60Gabe&#62 talk about it. The special sauce very well may have gone bad.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

a rundown

Inspiration levels have been low. My excuse for lack of posting. It is my site, damnit.

Hmmm….ok…. a run down of last Saturday –

Got up and checked on the dogs.

Why anyone in the world would want to get married at 11am is beyond me, but my cousin’s daughter did this last Saturday. She is 19. He is 22. Nobody was completely in favor of this wedding except them. Who knows what will happen. It seems the concensus is that everyone wishes them the best but noone is holding their breath… and if this is their form of rebellion, what ever happened to smoking and drinking? Are those not good enough anymore? Are they not even considered rebellion? I know I was not ready to be married at 19 and I knew it then too. At 22 I knew was still not ready. Now, I am so ripe I am about to fall off the tree, not that I would marry just anyone. Maybe that is not even in the plan for me. Who knows. I do know that this girl is in for a very rude awakening – after hearing the facts about him and being at the wedding to witness certain things the hand writing is on the wall. I dated (and eventually dumped) someone similar and am still happy that I did so. I prefer guys that have a spine.

Dropped mom off, then came home and changed. Went and checked on the dogs (again) for the sister and brother-in-law. They were happy to see me each time I had to go over there. This time I took them for walks. First doing Portia (she is easy to walk) and then doing Merc, where I also threw to ball for him at a big open field that is close by. Merc has the best time when you throw the ball, but when it is time to go back that ball has to go somewhere. It is soaked because Merc is a juicy dog, and if I stick it in the back of my shorts it is going to fall out. Following Stacy’s example, I put it in my bra. I guess if I ever do that again I should bring a plactic bag or something to put the ball in after the activity, before shoving it into an under garment to hide it from the dog who always wants to play. I am glad I have cats.

Came home and took a nap. Had a late dinner with Melissa. Came home again. Realised that I had forgotten to check on the dogs again and went and did that. Came home again. Got hauled out for very late drinks and stuff. I know I had fun. Finally, sleep.

Sunday – got up and checked on the dogs (damn high maintenance aninmals).

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

gs pass

So it looks like there might be an opening on the two person pass for tomorrow nights screening of Garden State. If you are interested email me.

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Monday, August 9, 2004

2nd round tanning

My sun tanning bed burn itches. I went again yesterday – this time for ten minutes… up two from eight. All of me is a nice, vibrant, pink except for the areas that have seen day light, and even though they are fairly pale, I guess they are immune. One of these is my legs. I see no difference. Not tan. Not pink. Nothing. Now, my butt on the other hand…

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Monday, August 9, 2004

spam and politics

F***ing comment spammers! I just had to delete a huge list of spam. MT-Blacklist is as up to date as it is going to get but I guess I also need to expand the time from for the waiting period between comments from the same ip address – there were only two used and they were not alternated. The people who do this rank right up there with the person who continually kicks the back of your chair in the movie theater, no matter how many times you look back and glare at them (if they are dumb enough they are probably thinking “Why is she looking at me?”)… and with the people who for some unknown reason position their shopping cart in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store in such a way that you can’t go around and you would have to move the cart and when you look at them as if to say “Move the damn cart” they stare back blankly, too self involved to think of anyone else.

Ok… on to some political stuff. There was a call at the office today from someone from a republican election committee of some sort. They were looking for my boss, who was not in. I wound up talking to the guy for a bit, and even though there is much out there right now about the disputing of Kerry’s war record (you know, that big FOUR MONTHS) he was emphasizing more on the man’s senate record. He is right – that is what we need to look at. Here is a man that voted for the war but then voted against the funding for our troops. Then there is his position on war that suddenly changed when it turned out to be convenient (the democratic primaries) and here is the movie (Windows Media) that the GOP put together detailing the flip-flopping.

Touching on the past service for a sec (hey, Kerry was the one that brought it up… if he never had I don’t think there would be much said about it) there is the commercial made by the Swift Boat Veterans. The validity of the statement has been questioned by the DNC but has also been upheld by those who did make statements. I was reading the 3rd chapter of “Unfit for Command” (which is available free online) and it was detailing the three purple hearts that Kerry said that he received. I have not ready the whole thing but have read the part about the first one – no enemy fire, tiny piece of shrapnel gets in Kerry’s arm when HE fires a grenade launcher too close to shore, it is removed with tweezers and the wound is covered with a band-aid… and he had the nerve to request a purple heart for this. The request was denied but Kerry still somehow got one. The beginning of the chapter talks about how Kerry knew if a little known rule that an enlisted person could be discharged with three purple hearts and that Kerry was basically hunting for them.

All for the moment. Need to regroup. More thoughts later.

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Saturday, August 7, 2004

tax free weekend

I went to Syms last night. Never been there before but it was a great place to shop. I got a fabulous dress and long jacket set for less than half of the retail price, and the tax free made the current price of the outfit easier to swallow since Syms has a system of gradual mardowns – after this date it is this, then after this date…etc.

Came home and noticed one thing wrong – the security tag is still on the jacket. Crap. I think I can get it off by myself but we will see. They had some shoes that I liked so I might be going back. I also found another outfit im my closet that I have never worn, but if I workout all this week, it might be an option. I will need to find some shoes for it though. Now, off to the mall.

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