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Thursday, September 30, 2004


For anyone else that also only saw part of the debate tonight here is a transcript. I know who I am voting for. This debate was not going to (and did not) change that. What I don’t see is the point it is having two more of them. Most people have already heard every thing that they are talking about and the sides that each are taking, or avoiding taking. I will be glad to see the whole thing over and the country moving forward.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

just busy

I have been a reluctant blogger. I have also been busy. I do have things to write about from the trip to Missouri but I am going to have to do that later. I will say one thing though – don’t use the ATM at the President Casino in St. Louis. I agreed to a $2.50 service charge – not a $2.50 and then a random extra $2 charge on top of that. It may just be $2 but to me it is the principle and the fact that I did not authorize the charge. I want my Taco Bell money back.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

visiting Melissa

Greetings from Ft. Leonard Wood! I made it up here to visit Melissa. Interesting trip so far… and the MG is cool too. Most people would have a car like this for show or just a hobby. This is her every day car.

So far so good. I think we are off to something called “Cow Days” after this. This will be my substitute for missing Oktoberfest in Addison.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004


Funny… that missing Mesquite girl and her kidnapper/wannabe preacher/freako step-father have been sighted in South Carolina, the one state out of fifty that appears to have the most leanient requirements for marriage in regards to age.

This guy is married to her mother, and now wants to marry his step-daughter. I am sure that if they did get married the whole thing will probably be anulled/disolved once they are found and he is jailed but I think a polygamy charge would be a fun add on to everything else. Don’t think we get those much ’round here.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

furniture shopping

So I decided to go furniture shopping at a place that was far away but in their commercial it sounded like they had good deals. I get out there and find no good deals, but plenty of over priced furniture in a hot warehouse along with your typical pushy salesmen. I left.

Saw an outlet store with a familiar name on the way back and stopped in. Have found a couch, but right now waiting on bodies to accompany the transportation to get it here… or shell out $80 to have it delivered next Saturday… but that can’t happen because I will be out of town so it would be the Saturday after that and that would suck.

Got back into Dallas and looked around here at some places to see if I could find anything comparable – no good deals but plenty of the pushy salesmen. In two of the places they were reading my shirt… the on that says “I’m blogging this.” If the situation had been different I would have probably not gotten so miffed, but these were weird, strange, nasty, dirty, commision-driven salesmen and to make me feel even more like a piece of fresh meat they are reading my shirt (which also means oogling my chest) and asking questions at a time that I find very inappropriate. I could not get out of there fast enough. Came home to wait.

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Thursday, September 9, 2004


I have allowed my sister to talk me into joining a bowling league. She and some other people went bowling one night, she saw the flyer, and now we have our league team called “Ready for Action.” Don’t ask me where she got the name. Now all we need are custom bowling shirts. Hehehehehe…. this is going to be fun. :)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

this guy is a loon

If you live in Texas you have probably heard by now about the little girl that was kidnapped by her step-father, who happens to have a very unnatural infatuation for the young girl. I was also found his church website a tad disturbing. He seems to be of the belief that normal christians are sun worshippers, Christmas is a pagan holiday and that carved, wooden crosses are a form of idolitry and one of satan’s means of deception. Well, if it looks like a freak and acts like a freak….

NOTE – I am completely in favor of freedom of religion and the right to be of whatever faith you choose, but I think that people across different religions would agree with me when I say that this guy is misinterpreting the Bible and that his views are a bit skewed.

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Monday, September 6, 2004

sold out

Note to self – do not attempt to go to the mall or the dollar movies on labor day ever again. While I did not actually go to the mall, I saw the line of suv’s and mini-vans waiting to get inside. It was like Christmas is a week away and everyone is out doing the last minute shopping. Going to mall would have made me grumpy.

I chose the dollar movie route today, or I tried to. They were SOLD OUT. What the h-e-double hockey sticks? The dollar movies are never sold out. It was all those kids being out of school that caused this mess. The parents had to occupy the monsters and decided the inexpensive dollar movies was the way to go. Why not take them to the park? Or even like that one father I saw when I was walking the jr. high school track one evening – he was making his kids run. There were 3-5 of them (I forget exactly how many) and he had them running laps, one after the other. Keepin’ ‘em in shape and wearin’ ‘em out at the same time. I also like that car commercial where the guy is babysitting and takes the kids to the gym, park, beach, etc. and has them running all over the place, leaving the parents wondering why their kids are always worn out after spending the day with this guy. Hehehehe… they have the right idea.

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Sunday, September 5, 2004


Took Punky dog (aka. the demon) out yesterday to the pet store, the car dealership and the gas station. She loved every minute of it even though she was on a short leash for most of the time. I think that was one of her bigger excursions. And to think, she thought she was just going for a walk. I know she would have even been more happy if the window had been down the entire time but I had to draw the line – it was a little warm.

I was going to get new flat ware but at the places I looked there was nothing on sale to my liking so I have decided to shop around and wait. Instead I am going to get plain bath mats – no rubber backing, no huge thing that would not be able to take a lot of abuse and washing, just the kind that are like towels but much thicker.

I must say “thank you” to Melissa’s dad for the very large slice of camouflage cake that was for her birthday. It hit the spot! :)

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