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Friday, December 31, 2004

for the new year

Your New Years Resolution Should Be: Get rid of your “computer butt”

You’ve got more than “back” – you’ve got a big, fat ass.
And it’s probably because you count multiple IM sessions as exercise
So, get yourself on the Hacker’s Diet, stat…
And then you can stop pretending that you’re a hot chick in chat rooms.

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?
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Thursday, December 30, 2004

almost a new year

There we no winds of change today. Just wind. Lots of wind. Other than that is has been unusually warm. After seeing the home movies for the first time and watching my dad remove mounds of snow from the outside of the car with a broom I have come to one clear realization – not only was this snow that I don’t remember seeing but snow that we will never see here again, unless there is some weather cycle (different areas of the world will get the big snow right now… we will get it later when it comes around to us) and the whole global warming thing is crap. For the sole reason it is supposed to be winter time I am not fond of the spring like temperatures. Yea, it is easier on my skin (that gets chapped in the severe cold) and lungs (asthma) but it is just not right.

For the new year it is time to smack myself upside the head with some sense and also some “what the hell were you thinking” and move forward. It is time to let go of ceratin things and be more accepting of me, my life and where I am headed. It is time to finish reading the book that Stacy got me. It is time to have some fun. I am looking forward to the fun… what ever that might be.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

information find

You know when you start thinking about someone from your past and have one of those “what ever happened to” moments? That person, even though they made a minimal (if not non-existant) impact on your life, they are still someone that you just can’t help wondering about. Maybe for other people it might be someone of greater importance but in this case there isn’t anything but a curiosity.

God Bless the Internet! I had looked for this person before but found nothing worth while… until last night. Unfortunately, all hopes of something monumentally spectacular were quickly dashed by a glimpse of the reality of what became of that individual… at least recreation wise. The disappointment also extended to appearance (not being shallow… I am going somewhere with this). The once blond hair was now so dark that if I saw this person on the street I would have never recognized them. I was not able to see the face of the young child that I knew in that of the adult, but given the name, I know I have the right individual. This person looked so different.

I am not sure what to do with this information now, if anything. I guess it is better left to the back of my mind until… well, who knows.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

so that’s how it works

It was pointed out to me today how the thing that is keeping my coffee hot is working… or how it appears to be working.

There is really a candle on the other side. I thought it was funny.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


You never know when you need something sometimes until it is given to you. I got this from my sister and brother-in-law. It has already kept the coffee hot and chilled a diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper. Oh yea… returned to the diet drinks. I feel too much like a weeble right now to stick to the regular ones any more.

Had a big Christmas this year… bigger than in recent. Big meaning that there was lots going on and to do. I felt a little bad that I did not make the peppermint bark candy for Christmas with mom’s family – Mandy asked about it. I had no idea it was remembered by anyone. The pumpkin cheesecake was a hit though with the immediate family.

Other than that, I am glad it is over. :)

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Monday, December 20, 2004


A very funny flash animation.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

looking back on the weekend

Went and saw Closer again. It was better the second time.

Potbelly’s makes a great sandwich. I have found a new favorite place. Don’t quite understand why they have valet parking there but then again this is Addison.

I have found the next place I would like to live. A bit more expensive but it would be bigger and have a garage. They choose not to enforce the rules where I am now. As much as I like the complex, not being able to come and go as I please (for fear of not having a place to park when I return) sucks. This will be the shortest amount of time I will have lived in any one place.

I went to the dealership and had the oil changed this past weekend. While there I saw an old man reading the paper while a young girl that he was with test drove used cars. She had seen a Durango she wanted and told the old man “…and it only has 88,000 miles on it.” This girl was only 21 and more concerned with how the car looked (and how she would look in it) than the condition of the car, and even less the fact that the dealership probably had it priced far greater than it should have been. Not to mention, someone else drove that car to the 88,000 mile mark and decided it was time for something new – there had to be a reason for this. None of these things cross the mind of this girl as it must be cooler to drive an SUV than a Civic. The old man told me that they were going to get her an economical new car (like a Civic) but that she did not want that type of car. I replied that if someone was going to buy me a NEW car I wouldn’t be asking questions – maybe making color and small feature requests, but no qualms with the purchase of this new car for me by someone else. Also, what ever happened to “You will drive what we get you and like it!” Anyone who is that age and having a car bought for them where they would have no car payment should be happy with any type of new car that is offered to them. The old man also mentioned that this girl had not yet learned how to take care of a car. If that is the case then maybe she needs a used Kia or small Ford or something. The Taurus bit it some where over 130,000 miles. The Escort I had in high school had a transmission that went out twice. Yep, that’s it… she needs a used Ford. Make her get a job (he told me that she was in school) and when the used Ford dies make her fix it. Damn kids think cars grow on trees.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

friday cat photo

“I’m warning you – get that camera out of my face.”

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Friday, December 17, 2004

we’re gonna do somethin’

Once again, one of the few times that I attempt to go out somewhere and stay out a bit late I come home to no parking outside my building. I was able to get a spot dowm past the building next to mine but I shouldn’t have had to do that – someone with no sticker was parked in the row outside my building. If this person had had any decency or thought for anyone but themselves I may have had a place to park. I have decided that I have had it – I want an apartment with a garage. This will most likely not take place until after the first of the year but I don’t know if I can live with this through next summer. I sent an email to a woman that works in the office and told her my thoughts, and that I would be leaving at the end of my lease if something could not be done. I have no choice – I like the place where I live but I hate the parking. I hate having to rig my life because some people cannot obey the rules. All I want is a fix for me, since the main problem will in all likelyhood never be fixed.

Crazy thing though – I had been drinking and so my wording of this email was superb. When I went to run spell check it said there were no errors when there were plenty of obvious ones, even to an inebriated me. Damn windoze.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

xmas wish to spammers

I wish the sapmmers would at least be courteous enough to comment with the same IP address so that I may delete large chunks of their bull crap at one time rather than having to do them one at a time. I think that is the most annoying part about dealing with all that. I guess I am going to have to break down and spend some more time on trying to get MT-Blacklist working. Damn spammers. Making the lives of bloggers difficult. Wasting our time. I hope Santa is giving them all lumps of coal.

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