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Friday, January 28, 2005

long day yesterday

Whew! Yesterday was a busy one. Work, then working out with Stacy, then driving to the airport in the rain to pick up Melissa, then to the hospital to see her dad, then to dinner, and finally home. I was out late and living on the edge when it comes to parking at home (I have come to loathe this situation… I am normally home early to avoid it). I hurried home after dinner and and lucked out. I even think I got the space that one one guy in an SUV was hoping to get.

The working out is going nicely. The place that Stacy and I are going is new, clean and has attracted many of the pretty people. Last weekend I was not feeling well and did not go but I think we will be going this weekend… early in the morning so I can stick closer to my during the week hours and not sleep late. Some of my muscles are still getting in the game but if I keep going enough and build on my routine the awkwardness I am experiencing with some body parts will fade. Hopefully sooner than later.

The bowling league is over. We are losing two players from our team, and even though we were told by the woman in charge that she would have two people that we could join up with and form a new team, Stacy and I have opted to just bowl on the weekends and either compete against each other somehow or find a league that does bowl on the weekends. I guess we will see.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

erasure in the a.m.

Loaded some new tunes on the iPod last night. One of the groups happened to be Erasure. A midst my very sheltered teen years I managed to sneak in an Erasure cassette tape (remember cassette tapes?) and it was one of my favorite things to listen to…that and a tape I had made one night off the radio when they were playing a bunch of cool club music for that time (late 80′s). I don’t remember the name of that particular release but I saw some of the songs and did remember them and knew they had to be on my iPod. Now I am getting to listen to them again. Sometimes a bit of the retro is nice.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

working out again

Stacy is going to start cracking the whip on me as far as working out goes. This is being done at my request. It will be nice to get back into the workouts that we used to do. Even take some classes… maybe. She has us on a schedule – a tight one on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think it is going to be looser on the weekends. Now all I need is a decent supplement to throw into the mix and we are good to go, although I am sure I will be cursing the ephedrine ban the entire time.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


I have joined the ranks of the pod people. I am here to learn. Teach me your ways.

Oh… and the Griffin ITrip kicks ass!

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Is your son a hacker?

If I had a child that really was a hacker, I would be crying tears of joy – who wouldn’t want a child that was smart enough to get into the systems of the IRS, NASA and IBM (or as Steve Jobs refered to them, “big brother”)?

That article sure is funny though. Check out the links to “lunix”. ROFLMAO!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

oh yeaaaaa

He has always been my favorite.

Which Family Guy character are you?

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I am confused. Per the MT documentation -

When you are uploading the files in the extlib directory, be careful not to overwrite any libraries that you installed there when you first installed Movable Type.

I would think that if they give you these files in the upgrade (and they did) that you would need to upload the new files. I thought that overwriting old files was the idea. If anyone can clarify, please do.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

maybe a house

As the parking issue continues I am still trying to decide what to do. Right now I am thinking I should just stick it out and buy a house. Nothing too big. I doubt it will be new. Just something that will be mine. August is a ways off so if I start squirreling away money now I should have a pretty good down payment… hopefully. It has been so long since my real estate days, I have no idea what is out there right now. I am being told that at the moment prices are inflated because of the big boom that happened, even when the economy was not so hot. Then there is the question of where to buy, and taking into consideration the price, sf and the area of town. I don’t know. It is a big step towards actually being a grown-up.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I want an iPod. Haven’t broken down and bought one yet but I am close. Waiting to see if the prices might drop some. In the meantime, I had been looking on the auctions at Overstock.com and found one guy selling them dirt cheap. Thinking this was too good to be true, I looked a little closer at the feedback – there was one, it was good and dated the day after the seller signed up. Either this guy is speedy or a crook. Happened to think about it today and looked him up again – and he is a crook.

This is one of those things that if you want it that bad then you are better off paying through the nose just so you actually get what it is that you are paying for.

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Friday, January 7, 2005


Last night it was brought to my attention in a not so subtle way that people (mainly family) are “concerned” about me and my love life, or the lack thereof. This was something that also came up over Christmas, but no one used the word “concerned.” I know intentions are nothing but good but there is something about that word.

“Concerned” seems to imply that there is something wrong. People are usually “concerned” if there is a problem or if there is something that has the potential to be a problem. In the bigger picture, there many other things that are more deserving of their “concern.” It is not that I don’t appreciate their well intentioned thoughts, because I do, but they become hard to stomach along with single reality that I am already fully aware of. Maybe this all boils down to presentation – getting set up on the blind dates is fine, but as far as opinions on the tragic state of my love life, and the reminders of exactly how old I am, those are better kept to yourselves as I am in no need for any more reminders, thank you.

I know that I am not the only one that has this problem. It varies for people based on their families and ages. Feel free to correct me, but I think it safe for me to speak for myself and the rest of the folks out there with the same situation when I say that the “concern” is nice, but better left unspoken.

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