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Friday, February 25, 2005

not the only one

I finally have all of my new candles and cappers. Yay! I can’t wait to enjoy them like crazy this evening. The info that came with the capper says it helps prevent the cold and hot air form mixing and therefore creates a more uniform burn. Hmmmm…I will soon have my own testament to this process.

I dropped off all the candles at home over lunch. On the way back to work I saw some neighbors moving. Since I know I will be moving this summer because the management won’t do anything as far as enforcing their own rules, I asked them why they were moving. They said they were moving to be close to family and said that they really liked it there… but then I mentioned the parking. Come to find out I have not been the only one complaining. One of them told me that they had complained as well and, just as me, seen no results. They then said that they left a note on one of the offending cars and after that there were no more offenses from that person. This just reinforced my theory that if something is said to these people they might actually listen, just as when I called the security guy, talked to him directly (not just the service), he stickered some cars and after that they parked where they were supposed to.

It is a shame that a place this nice has people running it that just suck.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

almost sick

You know when you are not sick but every morning you wake up with some small twinge in your throat or sinus passages that makes you thing you are about to get sick? Well, maybe you don’t know but that is what has been happening to me this week. I am even thinking about getting some of that stuff that Oprah says works against fending off colds. I am sure all I need is an immunity boost or something. More OJ, less coffee. More rest, less stress. Doubt either of those will happen anytime soon.

I get my candles today! Stacy got all of the orders in yesterday and I will get mine this evening. I have been burning my pumpkin meldey candle and I can’t wait to get my baked apple and cinnamon ones. I took a look at the other catalogs from the party and there are many cute things that I would like but now is not the time. I need to not put anything on my walls or give myself more things to move once my lease is up.

Things are still bad with the whole parking situation where I live. It recently dawned on me that nothing is going to get done. When it comes to believing in the genuine goodness of people it is best to exclude some apartment personel from this group. Not all (they were always really helpful where I lived in Denton, but then that was a privately held operation, not some big corporate trust) but most can be lopped in here. I have realised that their words “We’re working on it” are really code for “We’re not going to do a damn thing, no matter how much you complain.” I guess I am lucky that this is my only problem, even though it ranks high in inconvience. I could be one of those people who chose to use Ygnition for high speed internet. It looks as if there is some agreement between them and the complex I am in but if you look them up on the net you will find many complaints against them for disconnecting people for reasons that you choose to get high speed internet for in the first place. There is something to be said for high speed internet through the big giants – good support, very little down time and not having to deal with crap like that.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

over the weekend

I bought way too many candles at the Home Interiors party that my sister hosted this weekend. Eight candles of a four different scents and three candle cappers (thing that goes on top of candle to allow the candle to burn more evenly with less soot). I guess I am good for awhile on candles.

Lots of calls for Albert this weekend. I am not sure what prompted this round. I just wish that this guy would give out his new cell phone number and quit using mine.

White Cat did better on the drugs that the vet gave me. I popped one of the half-pills in her mouth and an hour later she complained a lot while I re-bandaged her tail, and fought a little, but nothing like she has before. Not even close to the other times when I was able to get it done by myself. She was loopy for awhile too. At one point it was like she knew she felt funny but she wasn’t sure how to react. With her eyes half shut, she let out half a hiss. She just couldn’t manage a whole one. I was also concerned that her appetite was not what it should be. Gave her some wet food and she proved me wrong – scarfed that down. I guess she is just displeased with the presence of the e-collar around her tiny head. Oh well… she’ll live.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

it’s a go

I got the email this morning confirming my hotel reservation for SXSW. I can’t believe it. I don’t travel much (well, really not at all) so five nights away from home and the fury felines is a long time for me. I am excited now. The worry over leaving has not yet set in.

That being said, back to work.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

dog watch

Taking care of the german shepherds all weekend has me worn out. I think that the Bio Allers is once again helping with the allergies but those two are still more than a handful. It is funny how Merc will cock his head to either side, back and forth, like he is wondering what you are saying – “What are you trying to tell me? You are not using any of the words that I know. Hmmm… I think you want me to lick you in the face so I will.”

Portia, on the other had, just wants to please and protect. If Stacy is there, she is the chosen one to protect. If Stacy is not there, I guess Potia protects the person who is looking after her. If this means slaughtering a deviant couch pillow then so be it, even if it is only due to her own separation anxiety. When you tell her to do something she looks at you as if to say “Ok… I am doing what you told me to… is this right? Am I doing the right thing? What can I do for you next? I only attacked Merc because he was not working hard enough to defend you. Someone needed to get him in line.”

The dog-watching went as well as could be expected, with only a minor altercation between Merc and a bulldog. The bulldog was not on a leash so it was not all Merc’s fault. It was still pretty scary. These are two german shepherds that are seriously lacking in the social skills department, but they make up for it in adorability.

On a different note, I came across a different way of expressing the type of purse that I have – “inspired.” It is not fake, but inspired. I think that is much better. I do still wish the trim was closer in color to the real thing (on the brown bag). I knew what I was getting though, so I chose to take it with the wrong color.

One more thing… shopping – a natural sponge &#43 a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap &#61 perfect combination! Used this soap before but never like this. I usually use one of those meshy-poof things for normal shower gel but I think this natural sponge is going to win me over. Got a bunch of other stuff at Whole Foods that you can’t get at the normal supermarkets. I should not go there on the weekends though… there is bound to be a time when there is a lower concentration of snooty, yuppie folk there. They also had a couple of people there performing covers of pop tunes. Personally, I would have prefered a classical piano serenade to my shopping experience.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

food images

I noticed this yesterday at lunch.

I have had the extra long coney and I am aware of the true size. I still don’t see the point in spoiling a visual of this tasty long hot dog covered in chilli and cheese with the words “NOT ACTUAL SIZE.” I wonder if some genius at the company decided to presuppose that a customer would think this was the true size and complain (or even file suit) that their coney was not as big as the one in the picture. What happened to just using small print somewhere at the bottom? Maybe with an asterisk?

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Friday, February 11, 2005


I did a pilates class last night. Not really a big cardio workout and it seemed like I got nothing out of it. Today I am feeling some results. I guess I got more out of it than I thought. :)

I re-set and bandaged White Cat’s tail last night. It looked alot better but she is still along way from healed. She fought me every step of the way. Hopefully she did not do any more damage to by all her wiggling around.

You are taking someone to the airport for a 5:30am flight – go to bed or stay awake?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

new things

Getting the bleaching trays for my teeth tomorrow. It was a spur of the moment thing but I thought the price was ok so I went for it. Those little strips suck – they will float around in your mouth with all the saliva and I really can’t see how anyone keeps them on their teeth.

I played two rounds of the free online poker last night – choked on the first (8th place) and did well on the second (2nd place). I even got to experience bluffing. Hehehehe… it was cool.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

maybe dancing

Crazy thing the human mind. You try your hardest to think of a name to put with the vague recolection of a face you have in your head and you just can’t do it. Then, when you are not thinking about it at all, you see something that triggers that memory and bingo – you now have the tidbit on your tongue rather than back hiding in the deep recesses of your brain.

All this led me to recalling things from about seven years back. Nice memories. I was swing dancing all the time then, and as a consequence of that, I was also a great deal thinner. I have been thinking about getting back into swing dancing for the cardio of it. That would mean dancing with anyone, putting aside some old thoughts, and believing in myself more with respect to dancing. When I last tried to get back into it I was doing it more for social reasons. Now it would just be for a supplement to my workout. I guess we will see… maybe I will test drive this on Saturday.

In other news, White Cat is home and recovering with a splint on her tail constructed of a tongue depressor, bandages and some tape. It is heavy enough that I hope there won’t be anymore breaks as a result of the bandage.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

catching up

Had a nice lazy weekend. Now it is back to work and taking care of business. :) First, a few things…

Bought a name brand, knock-off purse recently after seeing Kyanne’s one night at bowling. I am pleased with this bag. So pleased, that I have another one on the way, but in a different color. It will hopefully be here by the end of the week. I even looked for the same type of bag at Sam Moon and found nothing but crap. Feel free to comment or email me if you want more info.

White Cat is going to the vet today. She has had a wound on her tail and it is still looking bad and now she has some junk coming out of one eye. It is time that I get her some help so we can get her well and get the claws ripped out (I think they are part of the problem).

Loaded more tunes onto the iPod this weekend. I even got a new case for it, but this one will not work with the iTrip. Other than that, it is great. It covers everything but the click wheel and the ports on either end, which is what I want in coverage. I sure wish they would come out with one that had all the features of the new one I got, as well as work with the iTrip, as well as have a good, rubber outer surface so that I can put it in the little space below my car stereo and have it not move around. I guess I will be left to dreaming a while longer.

I am going to SXSW Interactive this year. Yay!

Spent way too much time bowling last Wednesday night. It was fun, and in the begining I thought it was going to be more fun, but we were soon approached by someone from the same league we were on who opted to join us sans invitation. Nice person all in all but for me, smaller doses of their personality and ways are better. He was trying to get our phone numbers when we left. We were there for about an hour or so when the rest of his new team showed up and took up in the lane next to us. They were loud. Very loud. Almost as loud as another group that was there and on the other side of us. I don’t know if it is correct to say that I was just annoyed. I was just counting on seeing my sister and another teammate and bowling without the restrictions of playing another team. Just playing for fun and being social with those that I am closer with. Not the other people that surrounded us. I leaned in at one point to quietly tell my sister something and one of these people sticks their head in next to ours to see what we are talking about. I never said what was intended, just told her I would tell her later. At times like this I feel like my life is being invaded. I value and enjoy the time that I have to spend with family and friends. Having that time interupted does not go over well with me.

UPDATE: White Cat has a broken tail… at one of the joints. I have no idea how this happened. It is going to be in a splint until it is healed. When she is better though, the claws are still coming out.

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