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Sunday, March 20, 2005

just a quick one

White Cat has been home this weekend, and I have been using large needles to give her fluids under the skin (better her than me) and force feeding her the special food for cats with kidney issues. She slept most if the day yesterday and did not drink as much as she had been before she left here originally or at the vet, but I am also feeding her food with a lot of water mixed in so maybe that is why. Right now she is cleaning the bid’ness so if she has the energy to do that then I am going to assume she is ok until I take her back to the vet tomorrow and they give me something more scientific to chew on. The tail looks ten times worse than it was before and I need to ask them about that. The vet said that he had to drain it and that may be why. Nothing else going on besides nursing the sick kitty… that, and I am another year older.

Had lunch with Mom, Stacy and Kris today. It was nice and quiet except for the occasional screaming child. I finally found out how Stacy acquired the furniture that she got while in college (it was not what I thought). Kris got to hear stories about when Stacy and I were young. Stacy talked about sleeping in the hallway so someone would pick her up… that was until she woke up one morning in the hallway (she was 3 or 4 years old). It was a nice birthday lunch.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I’m back

Made it back to Dallas in one piece. Work to do now. I will try and have more later tonight. Hopefully I can get Gallery installed and working with all the pictures from SXSW. Woohoo!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

last night and recovering from last night

After a highly entertaining Homestar Runner panel yesterday, I checked my messages and was hit with some bad news – White Cat is sick. Really sick – renal failure. I feel so bad. I feel like it is my fault even though the vet said that this could be something that could be around for a long time and go undetected. Later on the vet called back and gave me the estimate for what they can do for now and I told them to go ahead. I also told them that I don’t want any heroic measures. I just can’t do that again – do everything that I can for a pet to still have them die. I just want her comfortable.

Moving forward, I get to the car and am trying to make myself look a little less tear-stained, also trying to hold off from a total break down. BAM! The door of the car next hits mine. Hard. Turned out it was the door of the car (SUV actually) of Min Jung Kim and Glenda Bautista – two people that I would have probably not met otherwise. They noticed that I was having a bad time (I don’t really hide it well when I am upset), gave me a hug and invited me to join them for the evening. I accepted and we headed off to the Blogger party (the only thing that I knew about was 20X2).

Met more people at the Blogger party and had some dirty martinis courtesy of Google. I think it was after this that we went back to the garage to get my car and relocate it to some place that wasn’t going to close at 1am (just in case). It was then on to 20X2. It was here that I found my camera that I thought I forgot. We caught the last half of the show there and had some more drinks. Then we were off to another party that I would have not known about otherwise. I have no idea where it was or who was hosting. I do remember that they had a keg with what appeared to be Shiner Bock. This was where I did myself in. No longer concerned with my appearance at this point, I was just trying to remain upright. Jonas (someone else I met in all of this) and I left there and he got me back to my room.

Today, I am still getting over last night, but I am better than I was when I woke up. Need to add Alka-Seltzer to the running list of things to bring next time to SXSW. I also feel the need now to get a camera phone and set up a flickr account.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

day 1

First, the windows restore on xp does change all your files. They say you won’t loose your work. They lie.

Onward, the first day was hectic – getting packed, getting White Cat dropped off, getting shot records (funny how if you call the SPCA for vacination records that are not quick to get back to you, if at all… but if you go down there, and they aren’t busy, it takes about two minutes), and then finally hitting the road.

After driving all the way to Missouri and back, Austin is nothing. I had the ipod. Aside from the traffic, it was ok. Got my badge and checked in to the hotel only to find out the internet connection was down. Went to the evening event on Alien Hominid – I felt like I was back in one of the demo events for Dr. Parberry. After that it was back to the hotel and to bed.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

wireless working at sxsw

I had nto tried the wireless down here until right now and it works. This means that I was doing something wrong at home. Damn.

Ok… going to try and update today. More later.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

geeeeezzzzz…. boys

I guess I have one main societal pet peeve – people who stand too close behind me in a line. They are invading my comfort zone, and I don’t have an unusually large comfort zone. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it drive me nuts. If it is someone I know then I don’t care. Someone I don’t know? Get away from me. I don’t know you and I am not about to share my clothes with you – there is just enough room in them for me.

Ok, now that I have established the background for this rant, I just got back from going down the street to get a sandwich. No biggie. Get there – long line? I was already there so I decided to tough it out. Then some guy I don’t know gets in line behind me. Not only is he too close, he is ON THE PHONE and is basically speaking right in my ear. I try and do my usual things to reposition myself and maybe create a little bit of space. Doesn’t work. It didn’t help he was not at all soft spoken either. This caused me to think of a new and good come back but was too much of a wienie to use it – “Are you gonna ask me out? No? Then there is no reason you need to be this close to me so back it up.” One might say that this proves that like men say, they need to be told things – things that are totally obvious to women men can’t see, and need to be told. I shouldn’t have been such a wienie – I might have gotten me a date there if I had the balls to say something. He was talking to his friend about getting set up with someone, among other things.

Next, gentlemen – when you are at the gym working towards some sort of self improvement, please refrain from using the mirrors in the weight area as you would your bathroom mirror. In other words, don’t walk up to the mirror and proceed to pick your face. I saw this happen the other night. I was torn between laughter and disgust. I would look in that direction to see if he was still doing it (of course he was) and I guess it was so disgusting it was funny. I did my best not to laugh so hard I was noticed by him, and then have him realize that I was laughing at him. I have seen this guy there since then. From here on out he is know as THE FACE PICKER.

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

here they come

I just got my first spam after arriving at my new host, and MT Blacklist worked like a champ. Sent me a message that basically said “Hey you, we have something here that looks like spam… take a look and let me know if I have do a beat down on them.” No more spending time removing mass amounts of spam comments for me. Woohoo!

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Friday, March 4, 2005

to do

Got an email with a link to this today. Not exactly your average place to store knives but it would be a good conversation piece for parties.

It may be Friday but I am working all weekend to makeup for time that I will be gone for SXSWi. Somewhere in there I need to do the laundry and stuff too. I may get some recommened energy drinks to help out with all this.

go to work – twice
work out – twice
clean apartment
get oil changed
grocery shop
sort through box-o-crap

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005


I thought that the computer I am currently using for the cam bought the farm but it is still running after a reboot. It never occured to me that I should check on that one more often than any of the others.

As for the move to the new host, I have everything done except for Gallery. I happened across a page where someone documented instructions for MT installations on my new host and that did the trick.

In other news, the tail of White Cat is not looking as good as it was before the incident where she went crazy when I was trying to change the bandage. That combined with the fact that I evidently waited too long to change the bandage again after that (I really thought it would be ok) has made it worse. Changed it last night and tonight and as of this evening it is looking better than the one before but only because it has just been one day between changes. I still feel bad about drugging her for each change but I am not going to have her going nuts again and this is the only way she is going to get to keep her tail… at least I hope that is the result.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Things look decent so far but still working out some kinks. This just serves as a reminder why I like to leave things put.

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