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Friday, April 29, 2005


… out of 34 people. I can live with that. I got a little money (top 10 got paid) and the winner was my dad’s old business partner, so I am also glad that it was someone we knew. At one of the breaks he was talking about his teenage son having friends over and them playing poker and how they were keeping score, had it all written down and were going to pick up where they left off this weekend. I really didn’t catch that many good hands. I played the ones I did… there was one towards the end that I should have folded sooner but I will take that as a lesson learned. At the end I went all in on an ace-deuce off suit because the blind was going to take me out anyway, and that was the end of me. People clapped. I got some cash. Good times.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

game night

I am ready for the poker playin’… I think. I was humbled by some practice games last night. Kept on playing and did not make it onto a treadmill until after midnight. Finished up the workout at 1:30am and went to bed after giving White Cat her fluids. BTW, she is doing well. I give her the IV subq fluids 1-2 times a day, she eats her special K-D food, drinks plenty of water and sits/sleeps in her cage when I am not there. She is also doing good with the Procrit shots although she does not care for the cold liquid being injected into her rump. If she feels it too much she turns around and bites my hand. Despite that, I am hoping that the effects will last a while.

I think this weekend will be the car wash weekend. It seems like every weekend I have been planning to wash my car it rains or there is talk of rain and nothing happens. We have a chance of rain Monday but I am not holding my breath.

I guess I should also work on my flickr account this weekend. There were some issues uploading last time so I put it aside for a bit. Would be easier than getting Gallery installed again and getting disgruntled in the process.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

practice makes better

I played a few more games of poker last night. I wasn’t doing so well, then Stacy gave me a talk. I did better after that. I am scared but hopeful going into this thing. You never know what can happen. I guess I will see how I do with some more practicing tonight.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

noticed something last night

I was watching SuperNanny Jo last night. She did help that family a lot with their terrible twosome twins, although once again, the parents did bring the problem on themselves. One thing that caught my eye was the fact that their nine year old son had an earing. What the hell? Have I missed the boat on this issue? When I was in high school the male left-ear pierced was the new and trendy thing to do, but this was also high school. I did not have pierced ears at nine. Are these parents just trying to get their children to like them and be “cool” parents? Children of mine are going to have a 50/50 chance on whether or not they have the allergies that I have, which happen to include an allergy to nickel. You know all of those hypo-allergenic, surgical stainless steel earings? I am allergic to those. When ever I got earings they had to either have 14kt gold (or better) posts or be the kind you could remove from the original hooks so I could use them with some gold hooks that I had for that reason. This allergy can cause the ears to become infected and I just don’t think that I nine year old (boy or girl) has the capacity to be responsible enough to keep this from happening. Not to mention, as a kid you want all the cute little earings. I did but I could not wear them.

I know, I know… people are getting other things pierced these days that are now considered the norm – belly buttons, tounges, etc. These people are not nine years old though. Little boys should be destroying toys and playing in dirt and little girls should be playing with dolls – not going to the mall, getting holes punched in themselves and trying to grow up faster than they should.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

damn allergies

It looks like it is that time of year again. As of yesterday the pollen counts for grass and fungus were in the high range and I am waking in the mornings to a stuffy nose and a few hours later inflamed nasal passages. I took a Benedryl yesterday but I think that only added to my sleepy feeling. I confirmed that this morning as I took another one since I have not located my drops. I will have to find those for tomorrow. I can’t be going home for lunch every day just so I can catch a few quick zzzzz’s.

On a different note, how cool is this? When I was growing up we were excited to get a kiddie pool that wasn’t one of the hard plastic ones but soft sided (the water holds the sides up) and a little deeper. These days they have all kinds of things for kids to cool off with. I wonder if this thing is safe enough for the adults or is it the same as the Slip-n-Slide (not recommended for adults… you might break a bone or neck or something… also, ours did not have that fancy blue bumper thing at the end… sliding into the grass was part of the fun).

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Monday, April 25, 2005

longer weekend needed

It is definitely monday. I am tired. Trying to use sugar and caffine to stay awake but desperately want a nap. As for the weekend, I started getting stuff for the two showers I have to go to this coming weekend (one baby, one bridal). I think I have the baby one squared away but I was not able to get the thing I was looking for because everyone was out of it. Either this would have been a good buy because it is one of the best solutions for a new mother or they were just out for no other reason than they just didn’t have any. All I do know is that the one that was requested got a lot of bad reviews online and I was thinking that other women with children would know more based on experience.

As for the wedding gift, I have not gotten this yet but I guess I will have to this week, as well as get my butt back to the gym. She did not register for much but then again I only found one registry, and come to think of it there was no flatware on there. Plenty of Fiestaware, towels, glasses, etc. but no flatware. There was no china pattern either.

Went with Melissa to an auction Saturday. It was a good thing I did not get a number. That saved me from some serious impulse shopping followed by mountains of buyers remorse. Although the stuff that they had was interesting and different it was over priced and I have to question the quality on some of the items. I eventually just want a decent priced sectional which I will put in a house and lounge on until my heart’s content.

On Sunday I saw “Kung Fu Hustle” – it was good and funny but not as funny as I expected it to be. Once again, I will learn not to watch the movie critics take on things before seeing it myself. That happened with “Closer” – I saw a reviewer that only talked about how they were put off by the fact that they were all cheating on one another. At that point I had no idea that was what the movie was about (I had other ideas). When I saw the movie that was all I could think about – what that guy had said about it. I went and saw it again a couple of weeks later once I had a chance to digest it and look past the surface and appreciate the performances of the actors more.

I also have been practicing for the poker tournament – I placed second on two of the three games that I played yesterday. Not too bad considering that I usually make it to 4th or below before dropping off. I had the thought of getting screen shots of the rounds that I play and think I am going to win but lose. Sometimes everything disappears before I am able to tell why someone beat my high cards with something like a pair of two’s (I really hate those people). Hopefully this will show me where I am going wrong in how I view the cards that are on the table and what I am not seeing.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

poker tournament

I am practicing my poker playing skills. I am going to be playing in a tournament next week – my first. I told dad that I want to do well so as not to soil the family name. I placed 3rd at a free online practice tournament table last night. One of the other people on there played with a duece seven and won at least a couple of times. He played a lot of other crappy hands too. Pisses me off when people play crappy hands and pull out a win, but then this is going to happen since there is no real money involved. I am told when there is real money involved people play better. I also need to work on my poker face. I may loose all my money on that alone.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

hey… come on in

I feel like such a moron. I was trying to leave this morning and could not find my keys. I looked and looked but no keys. I thought that I would not have done something so stupid as leave them in the lock outside overnight. I have left them in the door once before but never overnight.

I open the door. What do I see? My keys. In the lock. The only reason I am alive this morning is the interior dead bolt. Maybe I am being more dramatic than necessary but my own over active imagination is going to torture me on this for days, if not weeks. All of those “what if’s” coming into my brain over and over.

In other news, watched a bunch of moveies over the weekend – Beauty Shop (really funny, go see), Fever Pitch (ok, still funny) and Old School (never saw it before, very funny). Also talked to dad about the taxes. He had a solution to lower it a bit but I still had to pay. Maybe between now and August I can track down some more deductions and get back what I paid.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

f*cking taxes

To those that told me in the past that I should not be complaining about my taxes going to take care of people who abuse the system because I was not paying taxes… well, I have a right to complain now. Thanks to my lack of knowledge of the whole contract labor thing and self-employment taxes, I am taking it up the rear this time around. Funny how even though you file an extension you still have to pay NOW. Even funnier, if you are getting a refund you don’t necessarily have to file by today. Our government is in no hurry to give you your money when it could be earning them interest. F*CK!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

clippin’ coupons

The grocery store near my house had another big coupon weekend (triple up to .75 cents and double up to $1) and once again I took full advantage. I wound up having over $94 in coupon savings, not counting the $10 and some change that I also saved with my card for that store. If this store would carry everything I have a coupon for it would be even better – I had one for a particular brand of sausage that I thought would be good but they did not have it. I am still excited though. I spent $82 and saved $105. I think that is pretty nice. I also exercised much restraint in not buying for each coupon I had, but only getting things that I was out of, would definitely eat or things that I did not have yet to effectively clean house, store food, etc. After checking the dates on when I last took advantage of this, if there was no weekend that I missed this coupon craziness, there is a difference of six weeks between then two. Counting through the next six weeks would put the next one starting on May 20th. I will be ready. :)

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