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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

more poker

Well, what do you know, I won again. Last week I had no idea that I had won a seat to the 6:30 round of the KDGE Texas Hold’em tournament until I was just about to leave to go out there. This week, I just checked the list and I am in for the 8:30 tournament this time. Maybe luck will be even more on my side this week and I will win. I just find it so amusing that with all the people that have been showing up to these things and playing, how many of them suck. Me being a woman, I am looking around at all these big guys and thinking that they do this all the time and they are going to whoop up on me. Then, as it turned out, I lost to not only a girl, but a girl that played crappy hands then entire time and jut happened to get lucky.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

email ranking

I happened to hear some random report on the news this morning… something about Dallas ranking high among email-addicted cities, and that the average number of times a person checks their email in a day is five. For all the computer nerds out there (like myself) I know this number is higher. I am also sure that there are some people out there that may have an email account but only check it once a week or every few days. I think back to high school when the principal came by all of the honors english classes and told us how they were counting on us to make them look good on the upcoming standardized tests (i.e. bring up the average because they knew there were plenty of students that were going to do real bad).

No idea why I am making this comparison. It seems similar to me – the computer nerds in the Dallas area are pulling up the average on the amount of email checking and getting Dallas a higher ranking, but no matter how much they try, there are plenty more people who only check their email weekly, monthly, etc.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

more poker

I played the poker tournament again last night – and did way better than I did the last time, but I didn’t win. I came in second at my table. I was up in the chips but got taken out by the blinds, ante and crappy cards. I never imagined that the girl to my left would have won but she did, and she played some bad hands too. I played my good hands and had a bit of luck. Caught a king on the river once that allowed me not only to win but take a guy out, and I had thought about folding. The guy kept raising and I had to decide whether or not to play the cards. Glad I did.

Stuck around to go in on the lotery for the next round but was not picked. For the first round, I had no idea I had won a seat until I was just about to leave work and thought I should check the online winners list – and I was on there for the first game. Drove faster and made better time getting there this week.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

didn’t see that comin’

Out off all the possibilities that I mulled over, the result that I got was one that never crossed my mind. I am stunned. My quest for the “what ever happened to” is over. I am disappointed. I was prepared for being told to buzz off but this is worse. I have no idea what to do now, except nothing, and that may be the best thing. Hard to accept, but the best thing.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005


If water melted the wicked witch of the west then surely this suprise heat would lead to the demise of the delicate good witch from the north. Usually there is a gradual build up but looks like that is not happening this year. Hopefully things will return to something more normal but who knows.

Stacy has said that she decided instead of advising against some of the hair brained things I run off and do, that she will just support me. I like that, and appreciate it. Sometimes there are things I feel like I just need to do. Right now there is one but I am putting off for at least a few days. Just afraid of not seeing it go the way I would like for it to. In the meantime, way over analyzing the ins, outs, and all the potential non-situations that may be encountered that I would not like.

On the lighter side of things, I am watching the Star Wars series in order, 1 thru 6. I have never seen most of them and it will also be a first to see one in a theater. I feel that I cannot call myself a good nerd without seeing all of these movies.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

poker wrap-up

I have yet to blog about the poker tournament the other night. It was ugly. I went out early on both rounds – with a KA. The first time I got beat by a guy with ten-deuce and there was a deuce on the flop. The second time, there was an ace and a king on the board (giving me two pair) and I got beat by pocket aces. The second one I am ok with. That is how it goes. The first one? OMG – I got beat by crap! That guy should have folded. I don’t remember if he was in on the blind or not but that was crap. Dad has a book by Doyle Brunson that I am going to look over this weekend and play some more practice online. We will see how things go with that.

I am glad it is Friday… time to sleep and not do all the things that I need to do, putting them off until next weekend where I will repeat this weekend, and so on. :)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

flickr added

I upgraded my flickr account, added a bunch of pictures and added it to the main page. Now, if I can get a phone that I like that also has a good camera.

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Monday, May 16, 2005


Other than the getting the seat for the poker tournament on Wednesday the weekend was pretty uneventful. There was one thing however – I had a dream. This wasn’t the normal kind that you forget a few hours after waking. This was one of those that is eerily real and obscenely graphic.

For a brief time I thought that maybe dreams like this held some meaning or were a predictor of things, or something like that. Later on, I decided that it was more plausible that they are only the ramblings of your subconscious mind. Besides, the last time I spoke to the person that was in the dream was over ten years ago (and that was a total fluke) and I haven’t seen them in over twenty.

So along comes this thing, the internet – a vast, searchable resource, for all types of things, including answers to those pesky “What ever happened to so-and-so?” questions. It gets even better when you actually find something.

Anyways, I digress… I figure my dream could be attributed to the the thoughts that I have had, along with fruitful information gathering. That, and the thoughts in my head that suppose I have already come in contact with that someone who is right for me may be what is driving this neurosis… or maybe it is just hard to forget someone when you fell out of their treehouse.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

in the game

It is a done deal now – I am in the KDGE Texas Hold’em Tournament. Until then, practice, practice, practice.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

friday night activities

It is a Friday night. I am at home. It is after 3am. Been home all night. Just played two online poker games. I won both. It might be a sad situation but I know dad would be proud.

I wonder if the late hour pre-determines that the quality of my online competition is less than that of the earlier evening hours. I am going to stop while I am ahead and give my head a chance to deflate. I am sure that if I play tomorrow someone will humble me with placing no higher than 4th.

Then again, maybe they all are just drunk.

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