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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

boring blog

I never thought this would happen but I am not going to write back to someone (on the online dating site) because of their blog. It was boring. I might be boring too, but he had a sad, generic, layout going on and had never heard of DFWBlogs. How can anyone in Dallas who blogs not know about this site, especially if they have been blogging for over a year? If you google “blogs Dallas” it is the first one. Hopefully he will visit the site now and be enlightened as to the world of domains, MT, WordPress and CSS. I would post a link to the sadness but I think this is best left under the category of his own self-discovery. That, and I don’t want to be some blog nazi. I am sure there are many areas that I could improve my site, so maybe I should just crawl back under my rock and work on those.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

next outing with date#3

Got an email from, and later talked to, date#3. We are going to the Addison Kaboomtown on Sunday night and then see from there if we are in need of more fireworks on Monday (I already know I will be). I also asked him about Kelly Willis on July 8th – he said that he had heard of her and he would like to go. He understood about nailing that one down in advance.

I now need to get some shorts to wear for Sunday as I don’t have any that are going to fit me right now except for the red ones I got for working out. The ephedrine based supplements are helping, and that is helping to spur me back into the gym this week. Too bad poker isn’t better exercise for you – I would be in great shape.

I guess I can’t be blogging in too much detail about date#3. If things go well he will be reading all this soon. I will say one thing – the email that he sent me was amusing. On the first date we discussed recent online dates (me probably in more detail than was necessary). I talked about the things that I did not like about date#2 (the “sweetie” in the email, sloppy dresser). He incorporated those things into the email, making fun of them (or me… or both). I thought it was funny and later read it to my sister, who also liked it.

If you have not had Coke Zero, this stuff is awesome! I don’t know why they didn’t come up with this to begin with. Maybe this one is a Splenda/aspartame mix or something. Even better than Diet Coke with Splenda.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Ahhhh… if we all could be like Josh.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

the wedding and date#3

Friday night was Allison’s wedding. I still have some photos to flickr but the ones that I took with my camera phone are there. She looked beautiful! When I told her that there were photos of her wedding already online (courtesy of me and the flickr account) she said “Your Kidding?” Nope, not kidding, but I was not able to get a picture of me catching the bouquet – hard to take that picture when you are too busy having to worry about catching the darn thing and knocking over any other girl in your way. I do believe I was the oldest one up there trying to catch it. Out of the cousins on this side of the family, I am the last female that is not married. There is Maddie Claire, but she is only three. If she gets married before I do there is definitely something wrong with me.

Last night’s date – I had a great time! Better than date#2 by leaps and bounds. Even talked about date#2 and how I knew before the date that it wasn’t going to go well because of the whole “sweetie” thing. Come to find out, date#3 and I go to the same church and didn’t even know it (he goes in the morning and I go in the evening). It was nice to meet someone who knows why I drive all the way to Denton for church and understood the draw. I am afraid to blog too much about this one as I may have to fess up soon to having this blog. I know this would mean that the whole dating-blog thing would be short lived but these things happen, and frankly this is one of those things that I would like to see die quickly – I would much rather be blogging about something more serious than the haphazard random dates that amount to nothing. I went and re-read his profile this morning and everything there is dead on. We also had some similarities in upbringing and seemed to have in interest in the same movies (I even have some on dvd that he wanted to see but never did). Now, if I were to get tickets to Kelly Willis, and even if he has never heard of her, enjoys that concert, I don’t think I will know what to do with myself. That will be a big test.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

and so begins the weekend

Tonight is the wedding of my cousin Allison (dad’s side, 2nd cousin). Out of the cousins, on this side of the family, this will leave me as the last female who is old enough to be married and is not. I am officailly on the cusp of old maid status. I have in some cases been a late bloomer. Maybe this is another one of those.

The heard back from the realtor today about a house that I was checking on. Going to see it this weekend. Hehehehe…. I will get to see what $10-15K worth of needed repairs looks like.

Finally called date#2 back about going out tonight. I know. I was bad – calling back at the last minute. That’s what you get for calling me “sweetie.” Date#3 wanted to call me with the plan for Sunday but I emailed him back with my policy on distributing my number only to people that I have met. Going to call him tomorrow some where between working out, looking at the house and possibly buying a dress for Sunday night.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

date#3 on deck and some notes

I forgot to email date#3 but not to worry – I got an email from him today and he wants to know if we are still on for Sunday. But, of course! I always enjoy a good play, and having dinner is nice too.

One guy that I winked at has written me twice – the second time to ask why I had written back yet. Geeezzzz…. guys, hold your horses. I was going to write him back, but now that is up for debate. At least it wasn’t a phone message – then he would have been whining on my voice mail asking why I hadn’t called. Yuck.

I was asked for my number (in person) by someone who was definitely old enough to be a parent to me. I hate saying no, but that is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to mislead. If I gave him my number I would be doing this. I am not dating as a hobby. I am dating to eventually find myself in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage, children, etc.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

grrrrrr… poker

When it comes to poker I am not aggressive enough. When playing online, and I do get aggressive, I don’t know when to fold. Once last night, playing online, I had pocket queens (wow… I am even using the lingo now) and there were two kings on the board. The jerk (for lack of a better and more suited word) next to me slow played pocket kings in the begining and then was raising later on – I got the beat down on me with four kings. This was playing online though. I felt more comfortable raising because this was costing me nothing and the stakes were nothing. I would gain little from winning this game – maybe some points added to my account but that was it.

Playing in the tournaments is different. Real people playing for a real prize. They will play damn near anything and bully you would with pocket two’s. This is who I need to play like. This is what is going to win – someone who is aggressive from the begining and willing to go all-in on a king-ten off suit on the chance they will win, or knock every one else out trying.

I asked someone about it and they said that you play good hands. This is what I have been doing – I guess I have been doing it incorrectly. Otherwise, I would have done better. I am also shy on betting – I have not been raising when I have a good hand, just calling. I guess that is the online way of playing, at least on party poker. As for the real thing (or as close as I am going to go near it) I am getting good practice and I am going to use the how-to bet information next time.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

dating and self-perception

I know what I like in the way of looks. When it comes to reading a profile of a guy, and seeing the picture(s) (I am still a snob on this one – no picture = no response) I know what I like and I know what I don’t. I did respond to one guy that was high on the nerdy scale when it came to looks, until he wrote back and told me that we would have to get me outside (he likes outdoor forms of exercise and I like a nice treadmill inside an air conditioned gym with my iPod and optional tv). The tone of the statement was insistent. That put me off. He wrote again after I didn’t respond. I never read it.

I got one last night that I would like to respond to but after reading his profile I am not so sure. Once again, a guy whose friends are all married and he is not because he is too damn picky. His order was a tall one, and I don’t think I will fit the bill. I will probably respond anyway just to see, but right now I am not happy with my own appearance and am afraid of being one of those people who others feel they have misrepsented themselves in that area. I am probably average by some peoples standards, and above by others. I have been able to get away with only buying new jeans and a couple of nice outfits for weddings but I still have a whole closet of things that I would like to wear again. It wasn’t that long ago that I was doing just this.

Come to find out, the court ruling back in April effectively lifted the ephedrine ban all together so buy while you can call around, check for availability and buy while you can. I weighed this morning and was down a few pounds but I assume this is mostly water. The stuff that I got over the weekend (contains 10mg ephedrine) though seems to be working on curbing my appetite for the lunch hour and I got some of the Redline capsules for the late afternoon. They are part powder, part liquid… very creepy looking. Little aliens in a bottle. I don’t care as long as the aliens work.

Have not heard anything from date#3. This one is set for Sunday. He was going to be out of town until yesterday. I think I will email him to see if we are still on.

UPDATE: For got to mention – checked voicemail this morning. Had a message from date#2 where he used the term “baby” in reference to me at the end of the message. Ewwwwww. There has only been one date – I am not your baby!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

book signing

Saturday night I went to the David Sedaris book signing at the Border’s at Preston and Royal in Dallas. I had fallen asleep earlier and woke up late so I missed the reading but did hear some of the q&a. I had heard of him before but never read any of his books. I had no idea what to expect. I thought this might be like the Malcolm Gladwell thing at SXSWi (nice, quickly moving line). Boy, was I wrong there.

After the q&a I grabbed a couple of his books, went through checkout and started looking for the end of the line, which I thought I had found until the person in front of me told me that the end was outside. I take myself outside to wait in the humid heat with the other sticky people. I began thinking about just going home. Later on I would realize that I should have thought about this a little harder.

Over an hour into the line, we were now inside the store, but barely. I got to hear all of the conversations of the people around me, some of which had no problem airing their garbage amongst total strangers. There was a couple arguing about travel plans (my thoughts – this was deeper than the travel plans, and even so, he was being an ass and she needed to get a spine). There was another girl behind me that, in my opinion, had an annoying laugh. With situations like this, it is just annoying in the begining. As the hours drag on, it passes the point of annoying and becomes something that you have to restrain yourself from acting on – in this case, restraint meant not beating her over the head with my bag of books. The woman that was with her was walking around the store barefoot (just because there is carpet does not mean it is clean… if there was carpet in the gas station bathroom would you walk barefoot in there?). She also at one point got overly comfortable in one of their leather chairs, one barefoot on the floor, legs spread and the other leg over one arm, and proceeded to read. Lovely.

I was never at any point social with the line people. There was no point in it. I just wanted out of the line. I thought at some points just maybe it might go faster. Nope, never happened. Many times I thought about leaving but convinced myself to stick it out, and that hopefully it would not put me out of there too late. There were also times that I thought about not having eaten anything before I went. I even thought about ordering something delivered to my place in the line. That would have been fun. Coming into the home stretch, my back was hurting, my purse was ten pounds heavier than when I got there and I was ready for some dinner and bed. It was all I could do to stick it out.

I wrote the personalizations for the books – basically, an ode to this site. They were ignored. For what reason? I don’t know. Maybe he was tired and didn’t care. Maybe the name was all he was doing on all of them, along with something he wrote himself. Maybe I was just not looking very much like the QOLAB that night. Ok… no maybe there. I wasn’t. I bet I looked even worse than when I got up there after standing in line for four hours. I got the books signed and left. I was dog tired and longing for home. Went home, got the last parking space outside my building, ate, slept. The end.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

date#2 recap

Where to begin… I left work to get home and get ready for date#2. Stacy came over to cut my hair. I got flustered trying to find makeup items that I misplaced earlier in the week while cleaning. Found them and got that part going while Stacy left to get some hair cutting scissors (those were missing too). She got back and we got started with the desperately needed trim. Once done with that, I finished the makeup and Stacy also helped me try and pick out something to wear. I had bought a new skirt and shoes and I was going to wear one of her tops (her fashion sense as to what is current is way better than mine) but she forgot them so I wound up wearing a red blouse of mine (one of the few things that fit) and the new skirt. They weren’t really pieces that I would normally wear together but it would have to do, and the shoes did help things a little.

This guy had told me that the place we were going was trendy. When guys say something like this I would think any other girl would think the same thing as I did – they are telling me this so I will dress accordingly. As it turned out, I was not the one needing fashion coaching. He was there wearing a long sleeved, button down shirt (untucked and wrinkled) and jeans. First thought on sight – I went to all this trouble to look nice and he looks like he just rolled out of bed? I could have worn a track suit. Damnit.

He was short. After checking his profile again (he is says on there he is 5’10″) I think that he either needs to stand up straight or change that with his actual height because the heels I was wearing were not six inchers. We got a table in the bar and began talking about our respective jobs. I had a dirty martini (or course) and he had a long island iced tea (isn’t that one of those party drinks… I used to have those when I was out clubbing a lot in my younger years). Banter countinued but it just felt like I was going through the motions – free flowing conversation so things weren’t awkward, but no major attraction. He talked about not being ready to buy a house yet (which is a good investment in my mind) but wants to get a boat (aka. large man toy). His age would explain this – under 30. He had a nice face, but that was spoiled by crooked teeth. That would explain the no-teeth smile in the posted photo.

Things moved forward from there to another place for dinner. It was there that he told me that he is out until about 4am on the weekend nights, hanging out with friends. He did not want to label this “partying” but as far as I am concerned, if you are “hanging out” with people until 4am, you are partying. I told him that I mostly stay in, and that going out to bars is not my thing. He continued to drink with dinner (beer) and I had iced tea. He also mentioned that he lived with a girl for five years, and that he was not sure why it ended (he initially said this but then later sort of retracted this, saying that she was big on PDA and he is not and that was why it ended, but I think this was a load of bull – you don’t date and live with someone for five years and have it end over what would amount to a personality quirk).

We parted ways after dinner and he asked for my number, saying that he would like to see me again, and I said “ok.” What I did not anticipate was him calling me the next day as I was shopping at NerdBooks and petting Books, the brown lab that belongs to the owner of the store. If I really like the guy, it is ok if he calls me the next day. For the others, they need to act like regular guys and wait a few days until I have a chance to think about the events of the evening, and digest the whole thing. I have come to expect a bit of waiting, and usually have things going on to occupy myself during this time. I only get antsy when I really like them – and that I don’t like. I like being the anti-girl – having a cool and calm head, along with never ending patience, and the attitude of I-could-care-less.

Anywho, date#3 is next Sunday. Other plans on Friday and I am keeping Saturday for me.

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