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Thursday, September 29, 2005

must… write… something…

From what I have been reading I am not the only one without much to say at the moment. I don’t know what the deal is – I do have thoughts on things but I am having a hard time bringing myself to the point where I write about them.

  • weather – nice and cool today… at least, this morning.
  • I keep forgetting to set my alarm. Actually, it is set but has this weird thing about keeping track of the days so it only goes off during the week. I have the days screwed up on it. I could have also turned it off. Either way, I have woken up late the past two days.
  • online dating – blah, blah, blah, sucks, blah, blah, blah… there has to be a better way, but what would that be? I hate doing the long emails, and the guys are all running together again… into one big blur.
  • late night tv – I need to abandon my late night tv watchin’ after midnight. All the shows that I had been watching are either gone or moved to a different (and in some cases, later) time slot. Couple that with my screwed up alarm, and needless to say, mornings have been rough. My allergies are are rearing their heads at this time. I guess it would be time to track down my bottle of eye drops, and I was thinking about trying one of those frozen/chilled eye mask thingys.
  • Still working on reading more. Still doing it on the treadmill, and a little at home. Maybe this should replace my nightly tv consumption. Not sure if I can do this – when I miss a show (even a re-run) I always feel like I am really missing something, even though I am not. It has no affect on me later, but when it is happening (when I am actually missing a show) it is hard to switch to something else. Then again, I can do other things while the idiot box is on in the background. Maybe I need to go through a weaning process.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bret Easton Ellis event recap

The Bret Easton Ellis event at Theatre Three last night was nice. I thought there would be more people there than there were, but maybe the fact that you had to buy tickets was a deterrent to some. I had first read “Less Than Zero” and “Rules of Attraction” while still in high school. I loaned out my copies and never saw them again.

I used to read more when I was younger, but now I seem to read more things from a computer screen rather than a printed page. I have been trying to change that for some time but for computer dorks like me, it is hard to tear away. I have found that I am able to coordinate reading while on the treadmill instead of doing my usual zoning out. At least I am starting, even if it is while working out.

Anywho, on to the notes from last night:

  • Bret Easton Ellis – taller than I thought he would be, wearing a suit, yet wearing shoes that were far more casual (shoes you would put with khakis or jeans). The shirt he wore with it was untucked and peaked out from the bottom of the jacket. Very casual, like he would have rather been wearing jeans, or something else besides the suit.
  • One of the first things brought up by one of the moderators was the fact that Ellis wrote “Lunar Park” at his mom’s house. This got a laugh, and Ellis said that he wrote some of it at his mom’s but not all of it.
  • When asked if there was anyone who was upset at how they were portrayed in “Lunar Park” Ellis said that there was only one person – Jay McInerney. He said Jay was upset about the scene from the halloween party where they go into the garage and do lines of coke off the hood of a Porshe, and wondering what his kids would think if they read it. Ellis said to him “What about ‘Bright Lights, Big City’?” Basically, they talked, and then kissed and made up (my words, not his – Ellis said there were some drinks and some ‘I love you man”s and they were fine now).
  • “Lunar Park” movie? Ellis listed off the names of different (well known) actors who had passed on doing the movie, and that the only one who had expressed interest was Benicio del Toro, and there was talk of J.Lo playing Jayne (yuck!). Other than that, no movie in the works.
  • Follow up to “Less Than Zero”? Ellis would not give a definite “yes” but he said that he is making notes, and has thought about where the characters of that book would be today.
  • Read from “Lunar Park” – Ellis said that he was going to read from American Psycho but decided against it, and instead read from Lunar Park – the part about when American Psycho came out.
  • Intermission – one of the people running the show removed some of the reserved signs from seats so I moved to get some better pictures.
  • Ellis read from “Lunar Park” again – another section from the first chapter.
  • 1st question from the audience (I must say, the girl that asked it had balls) – did his physical attractiveness help when it came to promoting and selling books? This got a big response (laugh) from the audience. He seemed flattered at the question, but wasn’t sure if his appearance had anything to do with it. He then asked her if she thought he was physically attractive (insert more laughing from the audience here). Of course, the answer was yes.
  • Character of Vanden – does she represent someone real? Ellis said that she was a girl that he knew at Bennington, and that she made a strong impression on him, but that he would not reveal her name.
  • Does he consider who his audience is while he is writing? No, and we should all be glad that we are not the reason he writes (he said this)… that readers are not part of the creative process.
  • Was American Psycho a refletion of what happened previously in his life? Yes and no. He talked about American Psycho, saying that it is still the most autobiographcal of all the books but did not elaborate terribly on the “yes” or the “no.”
  • Donna Tartt and “The Secret History” – How did he know her? Ellis said that they were set up on a blind date while at Bennington, that he placed a copy of the first chapter of “Less Than Zero” in her box and she placed a chapter from “The Secret History” in his box. He said that nothing ever really came of the dating but they remain friends to this day.
  • I forget the exact question but Ellis commented on not having written a ton of books – what we all have read is what he has written, nothing more.

There was something else about a passage he would have cut (I think from “Lunar Park”) but since I cannot quote it I am leaving it out for now. If I think of anything else that I have left out I will amend this post.

Overall, I enjoyed myself at this rare event. From what I gather the only time he does things like this (book tours and such) is when there is a new book to promote, so if there is another event to go to in the furture it is going to be a long while before that happens. I also found the range of people there interesting – all different ages. I have some good photos on the flickr page… some better than others. He just seemed like a very gracious and genuine man, answering questions as honestly as possible, attempting to please the fans that showed up for the evening.

For what it’s worth, this is supposed to air on television (probably on KERA) but I have no idea when at the moment.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

cam working, and off to bed

Ok… the cam is working again. I thought I was having a firewall issue then I noticed that I had closed the program running it. Oh well… that is only because I am tired, and I am going to bed now.

Pictures on flickr of the Bret Easton Ellis thing tonight. More tomorrow when I get them off the digital camera, plus a write up. Nighty, night.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

metblogs post

New post on Dallas Metblogs by yours truly. I am being torn on posting decisions these days – is a post better suited for here or there? Decisions, decisions.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

just put the hurricane bulls eye right here

Looks like this weekend is going to be really rainy, and we need it here. It seems like the entire focus of the weather forecasters right now is where Rita is going to hit – nothing about what this will do to the weather around here after. Will things be cooler? Humid? Back to the high 90′s for temps? I guess anything past Friday right now is a total unknown.

With the exception of low lying areas, Dallas it flat as a pancake, and we are in need of a good soak.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

bored already

I think it happened when I wasn’t looking. I am once again bored with the online dating. That has to be it. I don’t know what else would explain my lack of concern and interest in the emails that I am getting, and also in the auto-generated list of matches that appear in my inbox every so many days, but I would like to know one thing – why do those lists always contain the same guys? Better yet, why have I gotten the same starter email from the same guy at least three times now? And why does he include his phone number? Email address I understand, but phone? You are just asking to be tortured with Bart Simpson calls, looking for I.P. Freely, and the like.

My knitting has held my interest longer than this… that, and attempting to get some Bret Easton Ellis reading done before next week. Very, very sad.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

got the ticket

I now have a ticket to go see Bret Easton Ellis at Theatre Three. I am not sure how that is going to go as I have never been to a book event where there are tickets to buy and it is in some location other than a bookstore. Actually, I can count the book events I have been to on one hand but I think that is only because I never considered the activity before and didn’t really keep up with authors that I liked (other than getting a new book they have out) as I have not read as much I have wanted to. I catch info on these things haphazardly while going through daily life.

What has resulted from all this is me attempting to do my homework – getting books to read and re-read, digging around on the internet (funny how one word difference will get you a different set of results on searches), etc.. I feel like I should have questions ready, but not sure what those will be just yet. I typically let others do the asking, but in this case, maybe I can come up with some based on reading the books and all the stuff that is available (and worth reading) online. Let me say that I did read “Less Than Zero” and “The Rules of Attraction” back in high school. I got, and attempted to read, “American Psycho” but could not get past the first killing. I have a copy of “The Informers” (hard back… got it on sale… don’t remember where) but have not read it.

Last night was the CRT (Cardio Resistance Training) class – formerly the Strong class. Same instructor, same time, different name. My chest and abs hurt today but when it was over last night I was no where near as exhausted as I was after the Strong class. I guess this is a good thing – being tired to the point of wanting to pass out wasn’t exactly fun. Stacy is convinced that the woman teaching it eats cheese burgers. I bet she does too – if that was what you did all day (teaching workout classes) there shouldn’t be any need for lean diets because you are working it all off. Damn skinny people… making it look easy.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

done moving, but still busy

I have once again been a bad blogger but this was to be expected. As of last Wednesday I am no longer a resident of the crappy complex known as Camden Addison. You know that rental car commercial… the one where they compare trying hard and trying harder? If you took that and applied it to Camden Addison you could safely say that neither of the phrases “we try hard” and “we try harder” could be applied to this place. They just don’t try. At all. If they did, I would have seen some action, and I would most likely still be living there since I have a strong aversion to moving. I have way too much crap to pick up and move because rent goes up (this is to be expected) or because I get a wild hair. When I was young we moved one time. I don’t remember that one much, other than all my toys being packed up and me being left with one doll, that wasn’t a favorite to begin with anyway. Next move was when I was 18. Not that much stuff to move then. A few years later, another move, but still not on my own, and still not much stuff. This was to the condo that I shared with my grandmother. I don’t remember how long we were there but the place was a hole, and in that case, moving day could not come soon enough. The next place was my first venture into living alone. Hard at first, but I think I am a little too used to it now. Lord willing that I get married one day, it will probably have to be to someone who likes animals, is patient and accepting of me and all the flaws that come with, and doesn’t high-tail it when they see me sans makeup. To all those that say “You look better without it” – nobody likes a liar.

Once again, more on the move later. I have a bunch written but need to edit.

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Thursday, September 1, 2005


Oh, where to begin… the last day at the old place was yesterday and I spent the day cleaning, even though I guess I should not really care. That’s what hearing “leave the place like you found it” while growing up did for me. Whether it was school or church trips, we were always cleaning up after ourselves and shooting for “better” than we found it. I wonder if they still teach kids that these days, or was I just one of the ones that listened and took it seriously, all the way to adulthood.

I have been quite pre-occupied with all of the moving and cleaning I have neglected to write about it. I will be doing that shortly. Other than that I dropped off the keys this morning in the drop box and was very tempted to put a big smiley face on the envelope but I restrained myself. It was hard.

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