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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

last night was fun

Last night was… interesting, to say the least. I decided to meet up with Mark and his buddy Jon at the Grapevine after the bowling league. Well, I get there a little after 9pm and from what I could tell (I did not see anyone that resembled the photos that Mark had given me links to) I was the first one there, but I wasn’t sure. I now know what it takes to get me to actually talk to people in a place where I know nobody – having to ask random people “Are you so-and-so?” Needless to say, I got responses ranging from “I’ll be who you want me to be” to “No, but you can guess again” to “If you say so.”

Back to basics for a sec – “eclectic” does not even begin to describe the Grapevine. It was truly a type of place that I have not been before, but it was cool. Everyone there was friendly (this includes all the people that I met and talked to as well as some of the folks who could tell I was looking for someone when I initially got there… just a real nice crowd). I had read some reviews before going, talking about how it was a place that drew people of all orientations and backgounds, and they weren’t kidding.

Anyways, I spent time in the company of different folks while there – couple of guys that were there having some drinks and a good time, a woman who would lip sync all the songs she liked that we coming out of the digital jukebox, a guy who had the whole rockabilly look going on (I think he was trying to flirt with me… he definitely was later… it was really obvious then… he told me he liked my hair… I had it curly and up in a clip… I told him that was the first time anyone had said that about my hair in the state it was in… he said that he liked the out-of-control, curly look… I told him that I had thought about straightening that evening… he thought that would have been a bad idea… everyone has an opinion I guess… I really suck at flirting… I am not sure now if I was ever good at it or maybe I never really had to when I was younger… I am more like a deer caught in head lights… that could be a possible explanation to my lack of social life… that, and I am not sure what direction to head in to attempt to resolve the issue… crap… I’m babbling again…), a girl who offered to set me up with a friend of a friend (or something like that) and I declined citing the whole blind date with the guy that was older than me that had braces with blue bands, the guy friend that the girl was with that might wind up on “Hell’s Kitchen”, and some others.

I eventually did find Mark, Jon and company back in the out-doorsy area. It was a fun evening, and I think I will make it back out there next week, but one less Shiner this time, and maybe some water in its place. Tonight, it is time for another workout so I can try and get back on track. I had planned on doing that last week, but it didn’t happen (oops).

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