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Thursday, January 5, 2006

about the knitting

I have finished the cat hat – tied off all loose ends, added pom-poms to the ties, and I must say I think I did a nice job. I am still working on the scarf to get it the length that I want, but it is almost done too.

But after reading a passage in the Stitch N’ Bitch book the other night I am now thinking that all my work will go for nothing. I have been using plain ol’ acrylic yarn, and according to the book this is not good for these projects because it is not that warm. By the looks of the weather these days, I am not going to get a chance to test drive my new head and neck gear for quite a while, to actually see for myself how warm they are.

I have enjoyed working on these items and would not mind making them again, but this time with some yarn more suited to blocking out the cold. I searched online and found a couple of yarn stores in the area and went to one yesterday. Not sure what to expect, I got there and felt like I was walking into a hen house. The older hens were sitting about gabbing and knitting. I was just the young chick, pecking at the ground, or in this case, being greeted by and petting the dogs of the shop – three collies that were more than happy to distract me from buying anything if it meant they would be getting attention.

After hearing the prices of this place (no bargain bin here and nothing had an actual price tag on it) I found that I may be better off getting some soft and fuzzy fabric and work out a lining for the new hat, rather than create a new one with something that might be warmer (and might itch like the devil too).

I will still continue the search for other yarns that are supposedly warmer and nicer in quality (and cheaper in price than that one place – if Old Navy can sell knitted items for $20 the materials can’t be that much… just a matter of finding where I can get them at a reasonable price) but I still can’t get away from the fact that I have four afghans at home, all crocheted with cheap yarn, and they have kept me cozy and happy for many years now. I don’t know. We’ll see.

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