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Friday, February 24, 2006

you could at least buy me dinner before you lie to me

I am up late working on things, being serenaded by the stereo of the downstairs neighbor, who, unfortunately, is not burning in hell yet. This means that I will need to talk to the new complex management. Again.

I spoke to one of them today about the absence of the late afternoon trash pickup. On the trash days, they used to have a morning pickup and an afternoon one. I was able to come home for lunch, get the trash out, and when I got home for the day it was gone. Last Friday, I left the trash out for the afternoon pickup and it was never picked up. I though this had something to do with the rain. I saw other people (a few) that had done the same thing and theirs were still on their porches as well. I put the same trash out for afternoon pickup today and nothing happened. I went to the office and was told by a woman there that there was only a morning pickup and this was the first she had heard of the afternoon pickup. Not sure which I hate worse – being lied to or the new management this place is under. At least I have a garage.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

gettin’ back to it

I am hoping the recent changes will inspire me to get back to blogging… hopefully.

What might these changes be? The main one is that I was laid off from my job last week. Got back from being sick the week before and boom – laid off. If I had been there the week before I might have had some clue as other people are already aware of their impending lay off. I was at home with the flu, despite the fact that I got a flu shot on October. Thankfully, I have recovered without any major incidents… except the lay off.

I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise. It has to be. Anything would be better. Ok… not anything, but doing what I want to be doing would be better. More money would also be better.

Since I now had an abundance of free time, and Melissa was coming to Dallas to shop for her wedding dress (and bridemaid dresses) I was able to accompany her on all four days of her trip and experience the full force of what real wedding dress shopping is like when you do it close to the last minute (last minute here means three months out). Stacy was so easy – she bought off the rack and found our dresses off the rack as well. Who knew that ordering a wedding dress would take five months? Not me.

We all finally got the bridesmaid dresses worked out (we will all wear dresses that we like, all by the same designer, all strapless and all with a small broach some where on the dress, and all the same color) and those are ordered as of today. I am thinking I should go ahead and use the swatches at the store and pick out shoes and have those dyed before the dress gets here so the alterations will be right, but I will ask the sales lady first to see if she thinks that would be ok, or if I should wait in case there is a slight difference in the dye lot.

Other than that, just coming down from all the shopping, getting the resume together and working on some stuff to make myself more marketable. I would like something soon – I am bored.

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