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Monday, March 27, 2006

fingers crossed

I might have a job interview today. Probably not a good thing that I am still up. I should be in bed sawin’ logs but since I have been a night owl lately it is just easy to be up and as usual, on the computer.

Anywho, I have to fix myself up today anyway – I am going to go get my drivers license done with the correct address. I would like to keep the same picture that is on there, but every time I look at it I feel like I look seriously younger than I am now. Not that I am looking old and haggard (at least, I hope not) but I feel like I look older in a way that I don’t have words for. I would say more mature, but that sounds older than I am, I don’t always act “mature.” I also need to get the car inspected and run by the social security office since I am not about to start the man hunt for that little card, which I am sure I will not find. I need to do all of these things today since there is an inkling of a chance that I might be working the rest of the week, and for the next three to four months.

But I am not getting my hopes up. If I get it, great. If not, then it is back to slingin’ until something sticks.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

more tests

I took another test last night for a different recruiter. I was hoping that after the first one there would be no more. So much for that idea. After having taken both of the tests I find myself saying that I liked the first one best – even though it was hard, there were practice tests and the questions were more practical than the ones on the second test. I also did not do too well on the second one, and since I found this out the following morning, it put the day off to a bad start. Later on I remembered I told another recruiter that I would come back in and take their test. Hrmph.

I told myself “How bad can it be? You have taken these other two tests and now you have another one, which they claim is their in house test and everyone does well. Even if you suck, at least it is Friday.”

It was the same damn test as the second one. The test with no practical questions or code samples to wade through. The exact same test. The only difference was that you were told after each question whether you got it right or wrong. I did better the second time around, and also completed the test in about fifteen minutes.

Now… on to the MCAD.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

tomorrow’s appointment

I have an appointment with a recruiting office tomorrow – one that I have been to before. Out of all the ones that I have talked to and met with so far this time, this is the only one that told me to bring a hard copy of my resume, drivers license and social security card. In other words, this is the only one that has asked me to bring my “papers.” They will once again have to settle for no SS card as I have no idea where the damn thing is.

I have also never gotten a job through this group. It will be interesting to see if this time that might change.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

new stuff

Bought (and shouldn’t have until the whole job thing is resolved, but I had my reasons) –

1. Heart Rate Monitor – Stacy has one, and even though I have dropped ten pounds I still have twenty more to go, and she likes hers, but she also does not have the skin allergies that I do. I wore it for an extended time yesterday and got a small rash on my arm. It might have to go back.

2. New glasses case – I needed this. My old case was being held closed by a fragile clasp of scotch tape that required constant replacement.

3. Some headband thingys – most useful for working out and keeping those smaller, more whispy hairs out of the way, but I don’t think they look that good on me. None of these trendy hair bobbles do.

Appointment tomorrow and hopefully another appointment later this week. If all goes well at the second appointment, and they want me, I should know by the end of next week.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

SXSWi2006 day 1


Late getting out of Dallas – the car had to be repaired and I had the C# test to take. Wound up leaving right around 5pm and spent plenty of time on I35E south because of it. Could have been worse. I could have been driving north.

White Cat alternated between chillin’ out and bitching about her accomodations while in the car. We finally made it to Waco, where I stopped off for dinner. Who knew the Burger King was a happening place on a Friday night (actually, I am not sure if I was in Waco or a small town close to… there was a sign that said something about “Lacy Lakeview” and I can now add that to the list of places in Texas that I have never heard of despite the fact that I have lived here my entire life).

Back on the road. White Cat still bitchin’. Get into Austin and get to the Quality Inn – Central where I had a reservation mistake. The mistake was picking this place to reside for the next five days. It backs up to some questionable apartments, and the parking sucks. Later in the evening I went out to double check the car, making sure all the doors were locked and that I hadn’t left anything visible that might cause someone the desire to bust out one of the windows. They had me on the second floor and at the back of the building. There was only one stair well on either side of the building and my room was not only far from the stairs but there was also no parking near them. I was making the U-shaped trek from the car to the stairs, up the stairs and to the room, multiple times, carrying all of my things and White Cat’s gear. Already tired from being the car for over three hours, this was not fun.

I decided the best thing to do was suck it up and deal with the choice I had made. Little did I know that other events would transpire that would make me regret this selection even more.

Attempted to go out and look for other SXSWi partiers and have some fun. This was quickly squelched by all the traffic that was in downtown Austin, most likely due to the whole “March Madness” thing. If I had known this was going on I would have stayed put and saved the time and gas, but I am not a fan of basketball games (college or otherwise) so I didn’t know. It was back to the ghetto inn and to bed to rest up for the panels the next day.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

home from SXSWi

I like Austin, but I am glad to be home. The felines are glad to see me. They hid at first, but that must have been the routine over the past four days with Stacy coming over to check on them. Punky has been with dad, and was equally happy to see me.

I feel more motivated to get back into blogging now that I have been to another round of SXSWi but it going to have to wait just a smidge longer – got a call on the way in about a job and the ASP.NET test needs to be taken, so studying will have to take priority.

I am truly inspired though. I had a far better time then last year, and I didn’t think that was possible. I partied hard for a couple of nights, gettin’ my Shiner Bock on, but then Monday rolled around, and my body let me know that it was not going to tollerate such abuse. I decided not to drink anymore while there, stuck to it, and I think I had more fun while I was sober on the last two nights. I also like the fact that I have a clear memory – not that I don’t remember what went on the the first two nights going out… my thoughts from the last two are just more clear and easy to recall. To those that can party like rockstars and then get up the next day, put in a full work day (or in this case, a full day of attending panels) and not pass out, I salute you. I just can’t do it, and I am ok with that.

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