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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

still alive and kickin’

So last night I skipped the gym and started back in on my make-over plans for this little bit of internet real estate. I got further on the design and some new images but still avoided the whole WordPress install. With Melissa’s wedding this weekend, the earliest that I would be able to do this part would be Sunday afternoon, but I will most likely be sleeping after getting back from Missouri.

This evening I furthered my SQL edumacation with a re-write of an ugly query. I can’t test it out until tomorrow but I think I have one now that will work and produce the same data as the original, and hopefully also in less time.

Meanwhile, back in the land of fat, the dress I am to wear in the wedding this weekend was a tad more snug once the lining was stitched up. Because of this, I now conclude this post as I am going to the gym to further my work on losing these nagging pounds that limit my wardrobe and make for unflattering photos of yours truly.

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