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Monday, December 25, 2006

another Christmas comes to a close

Christmas 2006 was nice and low-key – immediate family getting together, lots of good food and the giving of presents. This will be the last Christmas without small children. Next year, my sister will have had her baby and I will have a nephew that is nine months old. I will be adding toys to the shopping list in addition to everything else. This year it came to light that the parents are giving up hope on whether or not I will be proceeding down the road of procreation (and marriage) and are starting to accept my single status (I think they have given up hope… so have I).

On lighter not I must mention some of the food of this holiday season. In addition to the standard turkey, dressing and traditional side dishes (and I did make the oyster salad… it would not be Christmas without the oyster salad) there was the turkey that I got from work – a smoked turkey from Kuby’s in Snider Plaza. I have cooked turkeys before but none of thme have been this good. I will never cook a turkey again. As long as Kuby’s is around there is no need to cook.

Unless Kuby’s has some sausage that is better, I have found my favorite Manda sausage at the Albertson’s at Old Denton and Hebron in Carrollton. Yay!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006


On a spur of the moment decision I decided to make the leap from Movable Type to WordPress. Once I found the automated install through my host all was good. Even the import was tons smoother than the one going from Greymatter to MT. I want to do a redesign but that will come later.

So much has been going on since I last posted here. Most of it I don’t care to mention solely for the reason that it puts me to sleep. There are a few highlights:

  • I moved in with my father. The rent at my apartment was going to be going up by $130. House payments are meant for houses, not rent.
  • I am going permanent with the company that I have been contracted at since April. I feel this is the right thing for me to do. I have my certifications to study for and the folks I work for have a never ending supply of projects for me.
  • I got a new camera – a Nikon D80 with two different lenses and I bought a flash for it last weekend. The pictures so far have been amazing. Once I am more familiar with all the D80 can do I know the use will get easier and the pictures even better.

I am off for now – the maid finally left and I have to finish up what she didn’t do but charged money for anyway (she didn’t even have to clean the whole house… and said that she didn’t do dishes – ummmm… yeah…. neither do I… that is why we called her to begin with).

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