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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

anything in the choppers?

I have been going to the gym lately. A lot… a lot more than I was. I am also back on the only supplements that have worked for me in years, despite the fact that I know the eventual withdrawal will be hell. If at that time I have the body I am trying to achieve then who gives a shit? It will pass. One day last week I went to the gym after a green, leafy dinner – spinach salad with wasabi dressing that tastes nothing like wasabi. When finished I toodled off to the gym and did my time on the elliptical machine, followed by a variety of weights and some crunches one of those exercise balls. It was not until I arrived home that I discovered my one mistake – I never looked at my teeth before leaving the house. There was so much spinach in them it would have been far easier to take one the spinach leaves and fold it around my top teeth like a whitening strip. I was mortified. I also found the whole thing to be ironic. Before even going the gym I had planned on stopping off on the way home for some dental floss and threaders. Little did I know I needed that floss way more than I realized.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

more cold weather coming

Right now the weather people are predicting “wintry mix” through Sunday. After the suprise bought with the stuff today I am tempted to ignore them. Also, anyone who tells me that I shouldn’t leave my house to drive somewhere for five days is just mean.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Via an email list that I am a member of, there was this comment today directed at me:

In what is probably my most sexist comment ever, I have to say I find the thought of a female systems/database/et cetera administrator pretty damn alluring. All of the IT shops I’ve been around have been male dominated. You go gurl.

That may be the best compliment I have ever gotten.

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