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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vegas day 2

I find it strange that there aren’t more people using laptops here in Vegas. I got the wifi working for the classes, but there is only wired access in the rooms. I have only seen a handful of people with laptops in the classes. Finding electricity juice in the classes has been hard. There is typically no plug, and if there is one, either someone already has the key spot to use it, or it is absurdly far from the tables, and at these things you would look like a moron sitting on the floor because no one else is.

Once I finally got on a plane and got out here things got better. I had a surprise birthday desert that was tasty. The dinner before it wasn’t bad either.

Last night was a bit more crazy. Everyone attended the dinner show Tony and Tina’s Wedding. I had a dirty martini before the show, and two glasses of wine while there. I was a tad drunk. Danced a little. Caught the bouquet, and then the guy that caught the garter was told to put this on my leg. People told me that they had seen that done before, but I can say that I have never seen that done at any wedding I have attended. The bouquet was promptly taken from me, but I was told that I could keep the garter.

After the show, there was a plan to go bowling. This got squelched when we found out there was a two hour wait for a lane. From here, off we went to Cesar’s via shuttle. We walked down the strip and saw a street performer/mime. He was playing a robot. His face was covered in white/silver makeup. One guy in our group gave him a couple of bucks, placing them in the bucket on the ground. They guy then motioned to the fanny pack that he had on, letting us know in robot motion that the money should go in there. I pick it up and place it in the fanny pack. He then motions to me to come closer. I do and he motions to kiss him on the cheek. I went to do that and he turned his face forward to make sure I was kissing him on the lips. I thought that was embarrassing enough – then I found out that I was now covered in the white/silver face paint. I was now walking down the strip looking like a good chunk of my face was covered in coke. Like I wasn’t just snorting it. I looked like I was eating it.

We left there and continued on to New York, New York. Some people wanted to ride the roller coaster, but it was closed already. I found a restroom, and saw for myself how bad I looked. I cleaned myself up, and not long after we began heading back to our hotel.

I wrapped up the day with a little gambling. First tried the dollar slots and burned through about $30. Next, blackjack. I made up for the loss and came out ahead by $15. There are daily poker tournaments at 6pm, but I already have group plans so that is out. I can live with blackjack.

Tonight – more drinking, a show and blackjack, not necessarily in that order.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

missed flight

I missed my flight this morning. Over slept. I know this it isn’t really a big deal – just missing out on doing stuff in Vegas before have to do work stuff. It also just bugs me.

I have only missed a flight one time before, and that was when I was coming back from Florida. I bought my ticket through Priceline, and because of this TWA would not let me fly standby. I called everyone I could think of, including someone I knew through swing dancing that worked at American Airlines. After numerous three-way calls, I finally wound up getting a new ticket on a Southwest flight. These arrangements were made by Clonie Gowen before her serious poker playing days. Why the name drop? Because I thought this one was cool. Especially since I am going to Vegas today.

Flying on Southwest meant I would be flying back into the other wrong airport. This mean that I had to be picked up and taken to my car at said airport. This sucked.

Today, I also managaed to leave my morning nourishment sitting on top of my car – a mostly full bottle of Coke Zero and a soy yogurt smoothie. I realized this when I was about to go through security. They asked me if I had any liquids. Well, not any more, I didn’t.

That is all for now. I have to go be rejected by the gods of flight standby… again.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

keynote photos

Some of the photos I took at the Dan Rather keynote were picked up for a blog post. I was suprised to get something like this. It has never happened before, but I also did not have the Nikon before. Kinda cool.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

countdown to Vegas

I am having a hard time getting my brain around anything but the trip to Vegas next week. It is a work thing, but I know there will also be plenty fun to be had. I bought a new, bigger suitcase for the trip and a new backpack that will accommodate the laptop. I hardly ever fly anywhere, and when I do, I usually take something small enough to carry on. Since I will have the laptop with me this time, all of my things wouldn’t have fit in my other suitcase. The backpack will hopefully be easier to lug around than my messenger bag was in Austin (more even weight distribution).

This weekend is going to be all about getting the laundry done and getting ready for this trip. I haven’t been to Vegas but one time. Then it was blackjack. Now, it is poker. And work. And shows.

For what it’s worth, I have uploaded all of the pictures that I took at SXSWi to Flickr.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

SXSWi – blogging the first date?

Blog the first date?

Why, yes. Yes I have. And I will do it again.

This is my fluff panel of choice here at SXSWi. Not that the content in it was fluff to me, just not related to programming and development of any kind. I liked writing about the dates that I went on in the last go round of dating, good and bad. I got more creative with the bad. Despite the backlash (is it really backlash when it is one guy who found you online before the date, didn’t tell you, then ready their bad review and was a tad disgruntled, probably because they told their friends about it?) it was fun. I will change a few things – I won’t be using my own name in any profiles, emails, etc. I will use my alias on the dates. For the guys that I like, write good stuff, and if it develops more into a relationship, tell them (eventually). For the guys that I don’t like, bad reviews, and since they won’t know my name (and I have looked up my alias – nobody in the world, according to google, has that name) they won’t be reading the bad reviews. I won’t use names. I will make up names for the guys. Instead of the uber-creative date #blah, maybe something like “drug boy” (already have one of those).

I will have to edit for those that I like – can’t write too much detail about those. Once they read it, my hand could be shown, and any mystery I might have had would be gone.

Off the topic of how I am going to blog the dates that I go on, when I actually have any dates, I tend to like nerdy guys. Why is it that some of them seem a little bothered when you refer to them as a “nerd?” None of them have ever said anything to me, but I get the impression that they don’t consider themselves nerdy, or that maybe they have been traumatized by that label at some point (jr. high? high school?) and it has been their quest to live it down, and they see themselves as failing miserably when in my presence. I don’t get it. To me, nerdy guys are hot. That is just my thing. They are smart. They have a brain and they use it. Looks count for something to, but brain comes first. Since SXSWi is a sea of nerdy guys, it is like a geek girl’s Playboy mansion.

Off to the grotto. :)

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