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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

doggie lovin’

If you live in the Dallas area, and have been thinking about getting a dog, have I got a dog for you. More like a dog recommendation.

I left work yesterday for lunch, and as I was going east down I-30 in the left hand lane there was a dog going west in the median. Since I typically don’t see four-legged critters along the highway (this one at least) that are actually still alive I decided it was my duty to rescue said dog.

I ran with another person that also stopped to try and catch up with him but he was too far ahead for me to make it and I eventually had to stop and walk. Someone else then stopped closer to where the dog was and got him distracted long enough for me to get closer. Then the dog decided to CROSS THE HIGHWAY. Fortunately, people were noticing that there was something going on and were bothering to stop. This was when I crossed the highway, called out to the little fella, at which time he laid down, wagged his tail and looked up at me like this had all be a fun game of chase. I picked up the dog (which also had no tags, collar, and later found out no id chip either) and as we walked back to my car I began telling him how dying under the wheels of a speeding car/truck/semi would not be a fun experience.

Back in the car, we got going again, and did he ever love riding in the car. He is medium terrier mix of some kind and easily fit in my lap while driving. That is when he was not positioning himself some where between the console and the back seat. He was an excellent passenger and only farted once.

We made a quick stop at home, and then it was off to Operation Kindness. He is there now and will be available for adoption soon. While I was going through the necessary procedures with the woman there he checked out the room we were in, but mostly wanted to sit in my lap. He also wanted to get up on the table, but I kept him from that.

If you are interested his name is Frisky. He was super well behaved and would make someone a great pet. I would have kept him if my living situation were different, but I will just be happy not to see him out in the street again and know that he has a good home. Just contact Operation Kindness and ask for him by name.

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