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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am currently in Washington DC, staying with friends. One day of work tomorrow, and then I start my role of tourist on Friday.

I have never been here before but I got the opportunity to dive into DC traffic head first – late in the day, in a bad area, with no clue where the freeway was that I was looking for. Melissa has been telling me that the metro is the way to go around here so I will only be driving tomorrow.

I started remembering today that there was an opportunity for travel to DC when I was young. It was a summer trip that was arranged through a teacher at my school (jr. high school) but it wasn’t a school sanctioned trip. I wanted to go but never got to.

The flight here freaked me out a little at the end. I guess I don’t care for flying low over a large body of water. Makes me nervous.
I have a feeling the time change is going to make for a rude awakening in the morning.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

things move slowly…

…in the arm pit of Dallas County justice (well, they do out in east Dallas, anyway). Got caught in the white-line trap week before last. With the horrible combination of a gas station positioned just past the entrance to a major street, and the people who are least likely to know how to drive in the right hand lane, it is not wonder they run this scam in this location.

I am sure the people that work there are really nice, but good lordy, THE LINE. The whole take a number process. Spending my morning amongst common hoodlums and what not was not my idea of a fun time. My next bit of correspondence with them will be via US mail once I have taken defensive driving – not in a traditional, comedian led class (can these people even be called comedians? the ones I have seen aren’t always that funny), but ONLINE.

My lesson has been learned – I will not cross the white lines (at this location) again. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because I don’t care to go through this crap again.

I must also mention that while trying to find this place I noticed some sketchy, apparently unemployed men on street corners in the area. Not near businesses, but closer to residences. Drugs? Thieves? Who knows. What I don’t understand is why they would be working their chosen activity that close to a place of law enforcement. Maybe it is the challenge.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

makes me want to funiture shop

Little did I know the Inwood Theater had recently converted their downstairs theater to something a little more comfortable. I got to watch the midnight showing of American Psycho in a cushy chair from Lovesac. Then whole theater was decked out in couches, love seats, chairs and lovesacs. While the bottom cushion was a little firm, I was able to get comfortable, slipping off my shoes, moving the back cushion and curling up.

It was also the first time that I was able to see some of the humor in American Psycho. I got the book a long time ago but never finished it. After purchasing the dvd I watched all the extras before ever watching the movie. That helped some. It was a totally differnet experience seeing it in the theater, surrounded by other people, laughing at the parts that I had had previously dismissed as just ramblings of the lead character. Getting to watch Christian Bale on the big screen was nice too.

On Saturday I went to DSW and bought the fugliest shoes ever, but they are sooooo comfortable. Since I have acquired a small fortune in foot wear, I can’t shop like I have before (I am out of room). I also don’t want to get a pair of shoes that are similar to something that I already have… except if they are flip-flops (yeah, I got those too). I can see myself wearing the Nike ones on the weekends – while shopping for more shoes.

On a side note – when checking out, I asked the girl if everyone had the same card that I did (the DSW Premier Rewards card). Thankfully, they don’t. While I know last year’s shoe shopping bender was a little extreme, I EARNED THAT CARD. I know I have a problem, but I also like feeling special.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

weekend listening

Can someone explain to me why someone who did not grow up with the music of the 80′s (more like, they were just making their way in this world when this music was out for the first time) would have a birthday party at a place where the entertainment is an 80′s cover band?

While the number of people there were my age (or older) I just found this to be a little odd. The German version of 99 Luftballoons is also way better than the American version but nobody asked me.

Current listening: Old school Kelly Willis.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

just say no to dial-up

I am home taking a much needed break after spending three hours on something that should have taken no more than one – getting mom set up with a new-to-her computer and a dial-up internet connection. I am also trying to stuff brain matter back into my head through the eye socket where I stabbed myself in an effort to distract myself from the pain of having to deal with joe-blow-generic-isp that was telling me I needed to have the phone company check the line. Everyone knows that is a 70/30 (maybe 90/10?) shot they are going to say nothing is wrong. On the off chance that this did have something to do with her phone line I don’t think it would have resolved the issue. This was all after we had exhausted the “reboot the computer” delay tactic.

This story will have a happy ending – one that involves a DSL connection. I bought mom the modem and a power strip that included surge protection. She now has the marching orders to call the phone company, get the setup process going, and to let me know when it should be working. She will also already have an email from me in her new Gmail account I created, as well as some blogs to read in her Google Reader. Once she is online I will be sending her email address to all that matter. These people will be required to send her jokes, pictures and all things that are supposed to be received by retired folk on a daily basis.

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