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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a general update

I have been reluctant to write about some recent things going on with me but decided that I would go ahead and post them.

The most recent is that I am moving in July. I am so excited. It is going to be a huge change. I am moving to a section of Dallas that I have not lived in since I was a kid. I keep telling myself that the suburbs have spoiled me. Tons of people live in more central parts of Dallas and live to tell about it. So far, the times I have been to the place at night, it has been really quiet and nice. Supposedly the people that were there before me (in the apartment I am going into) had been there for years. Hopefully they were there that long because it is quiet and safe and not because they were 90 years old and couldn’t hear a car alarm, much less the neighbors above (not sure about that last part… just really hoping that isn’t the case). Crossing my fingers and pass the pepper spray.

The other thing is I have taken up the online dating hobby again. I have changed up the way I am doing it and while those details are not important, I will say it has caused the pool of candidates to dwindle. That, and the fact that I made it pretty obvious that I was a geek that is always looking for a higher ranking among the nerds.

Also, I am not a twenty-something any more. The candidate pool was bigger then. Tons bigger. It is partially my fault (I know, I know… stupid guys need love too) but I like a challenge. I could very well screw it up, but I like it just the same.

As for the guys that I have talked to, here is the rundown -

  • There was the guy that did not have a computer. I told him what my chat id was and got the response of “I don’t really do that. I go to the library to get online.” Such a sad little person. Uhhhh….ok…no.
  • The guy who would only talk about being a Christian. Faith is not a bad thing, but good grief – new subject please.
  • The guy who not only made an inappropriate comment the first time I talked to him, but also revealed himself as a cheap, obnoxious tard. He was mooching of a neighbors wireless connection (which kept dropping…so annoying) and telling me about the reasons why he left his date to pay for her own dinner. The reasons were lame, and it seemed like he was using his own interpretation of things said on the date to avoid paying for her. Two sides to every story.

That brings me to the one I have been talking to on a regular basis – a computer geek, like me. So far things are good, but he hasn’t asked me out. Hinted, but not asked. Maybe it is for the best right now. With the move, and everything at work, I am a bit loaded down at the moment. Then again, I have left the door wide open a few times for some innocent, gratuitous flirting and got nada. The part of my brain that is trying to reason it away just says that all guys are stupid and clueless and how could one expect them to get something totally obvious. The truth? I am going to be nice and not go there. Nobody needs to be hurt by the facts.

What is it that is said about barrels? If you get to the end of one barrel, find another barrel? In my case I should probably try a few barrels. Find a barrel shop. Look for a variety of barrels.Not antique barrels, but not brand new ones either.

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