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Monday, December 15, 2003

girly party

Just added a PayPal button for the bachelorette party that I am planning for my sister, even though she is making me wear mauve at the wedding (yuck). If you know her and want to help in sending her out with a BANG then feel free to give to the cause. All proceeds will go to the party – regardless of however much there is. I have also added this for the benefit of those that are on the guest list – we are doing all the work; all we ask is for a contribution and the pleasure of your company. I am not giving out details until later as I want this to be a suprise.

Also, if you are a friend of Stacy’s or know her, and think that you might enjoy our little bit of mayhem, email me about coming. Girls only please! Girl night – NO BOYS ALLOWED!

UPDATE: There is going to be a prize for the person who contributes the most… regardless of who they are or where they live. It will be in the spirit of the party as well as computer geekiness. That is what you get when you get a computer geek to do something.

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