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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

state fair 2004

MT is on it’s way to working correctly. Anywho…

Melissa and I went to the fair on Saturday. We ate too much, rode too many rides and spent too much money, but boy, was it fun! She introduced me the the belgian waffles. I introduced her to Crazy Mouse. We ran into Leanna, who was there with her daughter and husband. It was really crowded. I thought it might not have been since it was the next to last day of the fair. All the crowds did was reinforce some ideas about going to the fair –

1. Go during the week. If the weather is a bit questionable, even better… just wear something for rain, warmth, etc.

2. Get your hands on one of those rock star parking / admission passes. Walking to lot 13 after you have been walking all over the fair (and after you have been tossed around like a rag doll on some ride that you weren’t too sure about to begin with) is not as fun as walking to a car that is parked so close inside the fair grounds that someone might think that you work there.

3. Finally, take plenty of money. Having fun hindered by lack of cash would be bad. This didn’t happen, but if it did, I would have been sad.

In other news, it appears that wasps like to gather where ever it is that I live. There was the Denton incident, and as of yesterday there is now an Addison incident. Far less eventful than the one in Denton, but more funny. They were gathering around the outdoor light on the balcony – no nest, just a gathering. I raised the blinds so that I could have a better view. The cats enjoyed watching too. We all (me and the cats) found it funny when the little yellow jackets kept flying into the windows, since they could not see the glass, making a light tap. I finally got the nerve to get the poison out (this time I got the right can for the job), stick my arm out the door, aim and fire. The casualties fell to the ground. Their friends came back looking for them. We will see if they got the message.

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