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Friday, May 20, 2005

poker wrap-up

I have yet to blog about the poker tournament the other night. It was ugly. I went out early on both rounds – with a KA. The first time I got beat by a guy with ten-deuce and there was a deuce on the flop. The second time, there was an ace and a king on the board (giving me two pair) and I got beat by pocket aces. The second one I am ok with. That is how it goes. The first one? OMG – I got beat by crap! That guy should have folded. I don’t remember if he was in on the blind or not but that was crap. Dad has a book by Doyle Brunson that I am going to look over this weekend and play some more practice online. We will see how things go with that.

I am glad it is Friday… time to sleep and not do all the things that I need to do, putting them off until next weekend where I will repeat this weekend, and so on. :)

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