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Sunday, June 28, 2009

WordCamp Notes – Multimedia Publishing, Powered by WordPress

Dave Moyer is only sixteen and already an internet rockstar. When I was sixteen Prodigy was the latest and greatest thing. I was more likely to be tying up the phone line with a modem than I was by actual conversation.

  • XSPF Player
  • Podcasting – PowerPress
  • Simple Video Embedder – powerpress – supports youtube, google, metacafe and other video sites
  • WordTube – youtube access
  • rss feeds – make sure if you use some type of media you also incorporate a feed
  • enclosures – tech term, tags for any media throuhput – tells the podacast where your stuff is; these are built into wordpress
  • feedburner – takes care of what you need to podcast though itunes; powerpress also does this; if you move your blog it is easy to update your links in feedburner
  • wordpressmu – multiuser; this must be part of what I missed yesterday by leaving early.
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