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Monday, June 29, 2009

WordCamp Notes – Top 10 Extreme Social Media Promotion Hacks

Giovanni Gallucci gave a super cool presentation on search engine optimization. His slides are here.

I didn’t mention it before but sorry if my notes are kinda crazy. This is just how I roll.

  • get noticed – get people to follow you without breaking the rules
  • works with DOD – got someone there “off the napkin” in two weeks
  • bluehat marketing – good guy applies some bad guy techniques in a way that will be accepted
  • don’t go tell everyone about your brand and to come watch you; Geekbreif TV is a good example – they had a plan, they knew what they wanted and stuck to it
  • social media – focus on taking care of people  – you will have more success
  • sponsors – I know what you are doing, here is how I can add to that
  • We don’t “Sell” – We influence
  • your opinion can have influence – ex. review of a camera
  • click thrus – humans
  • keywords & phrases – humans
  • backlinks – search engines
  • anchortext – search engines
  • no-follow tag -test a comment, something that will not get any interest and then search it two days later
  • bruceclay.com – all the seo companies share data
  • 15-30 min a day helping and complementing people – they will be inclined to help you and further your brand; human nature – when you do something they will want to help you.
  • levels of trust = reputation = social capital
  • how much reach do you have? – 2.5 times factor of pass-along
  • line that you cross that makes you a used car salesman
  • seven reason why ms loves opensource
  • advertising – you stop paying, it goes away;editorial content – lives on forever
  • ad – caries no authority; edited content does
  • IJustine – would rank #3 among viewership; 2.5 million views per video
  • Google keyword tool
  • use the terminology your audience is using
  • Facebook – worst return on ad investment
  • Facebook – get new users by buying the cheap ads
  • social bookmarking sites – associate competitor with keywords that they don’t want to be associated with
  • search for email addresses by @domain.com
  • Linkedin – create real account and throwaway account
  • all-in-one seo in WordPress
  • optimize videos – titles, descriptions, etc..
  • Tubetoolbox – youtube application; will not allow you to break the terms of service
  • Flickr – will forbid you from promoting commercial content; use only descriptive text
  • Tweet Adder – will quietly add followers, but then remove them if they don’t follow back; $40
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