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Monday, June 29, 2009

WordCamp Notes – The WØRD: Authority – Bringing Credibility To Your Content

DB Ferguson gave a great talk about her experiences about the No. 1 Stephen Colbert fan site. Got an opportunity to talk to her a little while later. Really cool chick!

  • Become an authority
  • Be conscious of your presentation – authoritative tone even if you get your informati0n from a second source
  • blog with a neutral tone
  • appeal to a large audience
  • stay positive
  • credible content – accurate and informative
  • one-stop resource
  • present clean accurate news and bring original content
  • hungarian bridge – translated the website for this and was the only person who did so
  • networking – think outside your niche
  • community – without community you have no readership; core readership – additional source for information
  • exclusive reviews
  • strong, reliable server – can your site stand being dugg, reddited or stumbled?
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