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Friday, September 25, 2009

digging into SQL Server 2008

I have been trying to do more with involving triggers in SQL Server – just minding my own business and doing my work when suddenly I am smacked in the head with a situation that screams for a trigger. It is sad that my internal frustration feeds my self education, but I do what works. It gets a little more complicated when I have to be working across three versions of SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008).

Recently I was trying to craft something for SQL Server 2000 that dealt with SQL Server system settings but working in a SQL Server 2008 enviorment (working locally and going to move the code over to the right location later).  I started looking for the tables that I would need to access. Usually I don’t need to distinguish whether I am querying a table or a view – I just find what I need to know and move on.

So I am looking for the tables… and looking… and looking. MICROSOFT HID THE FLIPIN’ TABLES! Not only did they hide them, they hid the databases the tables are in. From a security standpoint, ok, I get it. I agree with it. If you are trying to get into the system tables you need to know what the frack you are doing. If you don’t know then you don’t need to be looking there for ANYTHING. For the most part, querying the system views is sufficient.

Note – I have not finished this project yet. This falls in the category of things that are not critical, but once done, would make me feel compelled to dance a jig of glee.

Anywho, I started researching this… errr… new feature and came across this link. Simply, I did what they said to do with a few mods (for Vista) and got what I was looking for.

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