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Saturday, June 27, 2009

WordCamp Notes – Turbocharge Your Career with WordPress

My sparse summation of the “Turbocharge Your Career with WordPress” given by Tony Cecala.

  • communication
  • collaboration – who is doing what? how are things getting done?
  • creativity – video blogging, videopress via wordpress acount
  • facebook – walled garden, data hidden away on fb servers, hidden from google, google’s blindspot, wiredmagazine article – “facebook is a walled garden”
  • facebook – don’t count on it to promote you
  • post your resume online (or on a tshirt)
  • google is your new resume – what shows up there?
  • wordpress – you own your own data; with fb you don’t
  • plugins to improve seo
  • DFWWP – local wordpress group
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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Attending WordCamp Dallas this weekend. Currently waiting for things to get going.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just registered for WordCamp Dallas. Why? Yeah… I am asking myself the same thing. I don’t blog that much any more but I maybe I will be inspired, or at least learn something useful.

Two Days. $30. Might as well.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

more shoes

I recently got a few new pairs of shoes – various types. Each for a different reason. One pair happens to be some of the Mammoth Crocs. So soft. So comfortable. It’s like walking on puppies.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

a heat-induced rambling*

I made a mistake with them. I never asked. I assumed. I thought that if they stepped up to the plate they were aware of the same things that I was. Part of me still wants to think this. How could this not be the case? But then the bottom dropped out from under me. I deserve better than this.

I am getting inspired from my online digging. I see other things that interest me.

In other news (the kind that makes sense), I had to go to the armpit of Dallas county justice again today – and there was NO LINE. I had planned on walking in, getting a number and then leaving so that I could go to work for two hours and then come back closer to the time they would actually call my number (I had gone the day before and had over twenty numbers to be called before me). If the lack of a wait would not be enough to shock you, how about a court date that is TEN MONTHS AWAY? Yes. Ten. To the people working there, they knew about this, are used to it, and are therefor not shocked. I, on the other hand, had never heard of initial court dates being set so far in the future. Good grief. There are things there that move even slower than the lines of people.

All this for not having the right sticker on my car.

*So yeah, I know it has cooled off some outside, but my brain melted in the 100+ degree temperatures and has yet to reform and become fully functional again.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

about that new barrel

Last Thursday I tried speed dating for the first time. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t stellar either. Anywho, on to the gory details…

I get there (a bar in Addison… where I just moved from) and it is LOUD. Really loud. I am thinking it would hard to meet someone here in general, much less on some arranged adventure, if you can’t hear them unless they are using their outdoor voice. Had to ask the door guy where in the place to go – he directed me to the back. I get back there (in the room that was at the very back) and didn’t see anything resembling a speed dating gathering. Left there, wandering back to an area I had just passed through… saw some of the signs that this was the spot but still could not see anyone in charge. Finally found that chick and checked in, getting my number and this little pamphlet I am supposed to write in, detailing who I like and who I don’t.

The following is the rundown -

  • Italian guy – this guy was cool. Nice accent. Would be interesting to date but not sure about long term.
  • East Dallas weirdo – This guy was just weird. Creepy even. I was visualizing him in an animal suit, and then in women’s clothes. Stalker weird. When he told me he lived in East Dallas (where I live now) I told him I lived in Addison.
  • I can’t even recall what this guy said that he did (maybe he didn’t even tell me). I later noticed that he was there with a guy that I liked. Not my type anyway… that, and the other guy was cuter.
  • Might-live-in-Dallas-soon guy – This guy was genuinely cute. Totally my type. He said that he was in town interviewing for a job. We will see if there was a match there.
  • IT project manager – not really my type; just talked shop.
  • Guy there with work people – Sat next to this guy starting out. He had been there for a while with the people that work for him and totally drunk. Offered to buy me a shot. I declined (I wasn’t drinking).
  • Local athlete (NOT!) – This guy was a skinny one that needed lessons on how not to be a douchebag. Asked him what he did – said that he played for one of the local teams; asked him what he did what he was not playing for said local team – told me he hangs out at his mansion that has a big pool. Uhhhh… ok. Moron.

Only time will tell if anything comes from this. Not sure right now whether or not I will do this again. The last thing I want would be to run into any of the no’s again… especially the super strange ones.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

accomplishments in decorating

I looked on the B cubed website for something to cover my box spring. With the various cats I have had, it has seen better days. Not to mention, it is a fugly shade of blue and matches nothing. They had a cover on there. Something that would work with the bed that I have that prohibits me from having a regular dust ruffle. I head to one of their locations and they don’t have any in stock. The people I talk to had no idea that they carry such a thing. Ok. Fine.

Moving along, I come home and google my desired bedding accessory. Martha Stewart is my bitch and all, but it turns out her site recommends doing what I have already done in the past for this issue – using a fitted sheet to cover the box spring. Maybe it was the sheets I used (cheap, K-mart sheets, so thin I had to use two) or maybe I am just remembering the whole thing to be harder than it was. Getting those things on the box spring was a pain the posterior. The fit was tight and I had to pull and tug at the corners to get them on there and to make sure the fabric laid flat and looked ok.

I picked up an in-expensive, deep red, fitted sheet at Target. Aparently I aimed a tad low on my first attempt at this. One of these darker and deeper pocketed sheets did the trick. Using a fitted sheet does expand the color choices and it looks as if I have found one that will work.

I have thoughts on how to accomplish a dust ruffle – they involve glue, Velcro, a staple gun, some sewing and a lot of crawling around on the floor. I have other things to do right now.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

now comes the hard part

The new place is bringing on a new challenge – consolidation of all my crap. It amazes me how much I have acquired since first living on my own. From books to kitchen gadgets and clothes, I am having to make hard cuts. The fact that my new closet (the people renting me the place called it big; just because you can walk into it doesn’t make it big) is not one that I can rip everything out of and do my own thing is not helping.

Since I do have a ton a crap I don’t want to get anything new that I would look at later and label as crap. This in mind I stupid spendy this past weekend and got the Cadillac of trash cans. Thought about getting one of these for a long time. The folks at Bed, Bath and Beyond put them close to the entrance, easy for me to find even though all I went in there for was a second set of coasters. Then the space bags called to me, telling me how they could save me from my bedding and clothes that I have an over abundance of. And to think, all I went in there for was another set of coasters.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008


The unpacking is coming along. So is the packing and moving of the final things that were left behind. This part is rather draining – getting my car filled with crap in need of a final destination (the new apartment, storage unit, Salvation Army, etc.) and then getting everything there. Rinse. Repeat as needed.

There was a date last Friday. I thought it went well but judging by the fact that I have not heard from the guy this week I am starting to think the ‘well’ part was all in my head. It is possible that he is busy. I might think that if I were the girl sitting by the computer, waiting for the chat window to pop up with him telling me that he can’t wait to see me again. Fortunately I am not that girl. Neither is my alias. We can accept the fact that the date wasn’t what we thought it was and keep on going. A small part of me is still speculating as to where the whole thing went awry. The rest of me doesn’t give a shit.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a general update

I have been reluctant to write about some recent things going on with me but decided that I would go ahead and post them.

The most recent is that I am moving in July. I am so excited. It is going to be a huge change. I am moving to a section of Dallas that I have not lived in since I was a kid. I keep telling myself that the suburbs have spoiled me. Tons of people live in more central parts of Dallas and live to tell about it. So far, the times I have been to the place at night, it has been really quiet and nice. Supposedly the people that were there before me (in the apartment I am going into) had been there for years. Hopefully they were there that long because it is quiet and safe and not because they were 90 years old and couldn’t hear a car alarm, much less the neighbors above (not sure about that last part… just really hoping that isn’t the case). Crossing my fingers and pass the pepper spray.

The other thing is I have taken up the online dating hobby again. I have changed up the way I am doing it and while those details are not important, I will say it has caused the pool of candidates to dwindle. That, and the fact that I made it pretty obvious that I was a geek that is always looking for a higher ranking among the nerds.

Also, I am not a twenty-something any more. The candidate pool was bigger then. Tons bigger. It is partially my fault (I know, I know… stupid guys need love too) but I like a challenge. I could very well screw it up, but I like it just the same.

As for the guys that I have talked to, here is the rundown -

  • There was the guy that did not have a computer. I told him what my chat id was and got the response of “I don’t really do that. I go to the library to get online.” Such a sad little person. Uhhhh….ok…no.
  • The guy who would only talk about being a Christian. Faith is not a bad thing, but good grief – new subject please.
  • The guy who not only made an inappropriate comment the first time I talked to him, but also revealed himself as a cheap, obnoxious tard. He was mooching of a neighbors wireless connection (which kept dropping…so annoying) and telling me about the reasons why he left his date to pay for her own dinner. The reasons were lame, and it seemed like he was using his own interpretation of things said on the date to avoid paying for her. Two sides to every story.

That brings me to the one I have been talking to on a regular basis – a computer geek, like me. So far things are good, but he hasn’t asked me out. Hinted, but not asked. Maybe it is for the best right now. With the move, and everything at work, I am a bit loaded down at the moment. Then again, I have left the door wide open a few times for some innocent, gratuitous flirting and got nada. The part of my brain that is trying to reason it away just says that all guys are stupid and clueless and how could one expect them to get something totally obvious. The truth? I am going to be nice and not go there. Nobody needs to be hurt by the facts.

What is it that is said about barrels? If you get to the end of one barrel, find another barrel? In my case I should probably try a few barrels. Find a barrel shop. Look for a variety of barrels.Not antique barrels, but not brand new ones either.

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